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06-29-2008, 06:07 PM
Good day fishin ,,,,
Justin and I caught 8 trout,, all on power bait around swallow bay,,,
2 nice cats,, and a nice striper,, about 22 inches,, put up a nice fight ,, all on chicken livers,,, Didn't make it up to Swallow bay or the dam.....

Someone at the boathouse had said they were nailing them at the dam yesterday,,, apparently they were pumping in some water,,,and there were a bunch of trout feeding,,,, the guy said a lot of trout were being caught on bait,,,, (he said they were throwing bread out to them??) He mentioned the water had really stirred things up,,,and the trout were feeding,,,, Hopefully ,,,some of the CAST kids were the lucky fishermen yesterday....

Just a word of advice,,, Slow down,,,,,, Every time we've been out to Del Valle,(3 times during the last 2 weekends),,, we've seen someone pulled over for speeding..... this last boater didn't seem to be going too fast,,,,

Hopefully , the trout bite will stay on for a while,,,,,

Doc and Justin

06-29-2008, 08:14 PM
You did a lot better than me, 8 hours fished 3 bites 3 trout, chautreuse power bait, but thats ok 1st time fishing there. Actually Im really responding to the SLOW DOWN at DV. I was aware of the strict speed limit enforced there and I am okay with that but I get miffed when fisherman get pulled over for exceeding the speed limit a little bit. For the most part fisherman are the best, most courteus safest boaters out there because of the frequency we go out as opposed to the recreational 3 times a year idiot boater. At DV Sat. I was heading back to the marina and there are 3 people swimming in the narrows, jumping of a boat, no freakin red warning flag or nothin. I barely saw 3 heads bobbing in the water about 30 yards ahead of me! Not to mention the idiots in the rental boats zipping by 10 yards away from you and then waving as they go by... Where are the wardens when you need them? Nice lake too many idiots.

06-29-2008, 08:14 PM
Good job Doc, I will be out at 7 am on Monday hoping to do some good at the dam and Heron. Taking a co-worker and son for some fishing.

How was the smokey air? Hate that stuff. :D

06-29-2008, 08:52 PM
you think the guys at del valle are idiots try the berkley marina. I dont even want to go into detail as of what happend yesterday morning,my skipjack has a scuff on it now lets put it that way,i was hot >:( >:( >:(

06-29-2008, 09:07 PM
Hairdog, The winter and early spring months are the best time to hit Del Valle. It's too cold for the idiots you speak of. And thats when the fishing is at its best. Lets hope EBRP doesn't shut down the rainy day fishing with their boat inspections. Some of my best outings to that lake have been in the rain.

Firetrout, if you can get into that area we fished last time you should do well. The boat traffic had the fish scattered so I would imagine they will concentrate back in the usual spots. Good luck! Wish I was going fishing instead of work.