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04-28-2008, 03:18 PM
Looking for a updated fishing report from Shasta anything will help.I will be headed up there in a few days.Thanks

Fisher 17

05-01-2008, 08:17 PM
Hey fisher17 im heading up there myself for the derby. From what I heard the tackle their catching em on is the typical dodger followed by a criplure or other small bait fish lure. Popular set up is usually a shasta tackle sling blade(i use a #4) followed by a criplure, humdinger, flee bitty or hoochie. As far as colors I hear guys are using red prisim, red crush, gold, fire tiger right now. I had luck using shad colors last year. Water will be colder so I would start out shallow and go deeper as needed(shallower for bows, browns and deep for kings).

Im launching at packers and I have a black spectrum 17', might see you there.

05-02-2008, 08:31 AM
Fisher17, The wife and I fished Shasta yesterday in prep for the tourny. The wind was blowing pretty good and there's a tail end of weather front passing through today. We fished around the I5 Bridge at Bridge Bay and covered depths from 15 feet down to 100 feet. Nothing deep was hitting but we did land four small rainbows all on the surface and we returned them all hoping they'll grow up. The lures Wantasled advised was right on target. We got three fish on the gold/red cripplure about 30" inches behind a silver/pink sling blade. The first fish was caught on a flea bitty trolled naked. Wantasled, I'll also be launching at Packers. I have a red 20' Duckworth w/130hp Honda, hope to see ya there. Good luck. Mike

05-02-2008, 11:24 AM
Here's the latest from Shasta Tackle company. It's about a week and a half behind:

Shasta is 62 down, the surface is 56 degress. All BOAT LAUNCHES OPEN

Some Nice Rainbows and Brown have been reported Trolling the McCloud Arm from Holiday Harbor to Hirtz Bay. Work the surface down to 75' Best techniques is troll 2 MPH with Kazi Minnows 2' behind 8" Sling Blades. Matrix Paddle-tails. Bend the back of the SB down 1/4" so it swings wide at the slower speed. This will cause the Kazi Minnow to rip and dart. Also Cripplures in the Super Glow patterns Fire Tiger, Rainbow, or Red Head the Brass red or Crushed Fire are working also. The Salmon bite in Dry Creek has picked up this week as well. My last trip we landed 10 Kings up to 20" from 50 to 150' deep. The hot set up was the Matrix Paddle-tail and a 8" Sling Blade. Also caught fish on CR Glow Shad with Super Glow Sling Blades and The Pee Wee Tansinite Glow with Super Glow S.B.


4/19/08 .

We had our Shasta College Class outing Yesterday. 46 Students went out for 3 hours fishing with myself, Ben Raimondi and Mike Elster. There were several nice fish caught including 4 Browns to 4.5 pounds. Big Fish Winner was Gary Johnson. Who was fishing with Mike Elsters. He caught this beautiful fish on a Blue Matrix Paddle-tail behind the 8 " Sling Blade dodger 50' deep under the I/5 bridge. Gary won a Shasta Tackle Anglers Touch fishing Rod. My boat brought in a 4.3 pound Brown caught on a Brass Chrushed Fire Cripplure at 30'. Ben also caugh some nice fish. All fish were caught around Bridge Bay from the surface to 100' deep. We caught Brown, Kings and Rainbows. I wish to Thank all 46 students that participated and the guides for making this a Great Event. We will plan to do it again next year with more boats.

05-02-2008, 08:49 PM
:) :)Great info guys, be up for derby in am? 5th one and the fishin gets better an better......hope the water level is ok :P enjoy