View Full Version : Worked Hard at Del Valle

04-18-2008, 07:50 PM
Launched at 9 am, off at 4 pm. *Managed only three planters, each about 2 lbs. *Started trolling at south end for nada, motored to Heron where I got one trolling...orange J-7 rapala; the other two fish took power eggs with me on anchor. *Water temp 63-65 degrees. *Very windy in the afternoon. * *

04-18-2008, 08:45 PM
Well, at least you caught!

Was there too. In the Blue/Aluminum 14'er... Launched the boat about 13:15 and headed to the south end. Pulled 4 different CD, J and F 5's and 7's. Nothing. Trolled up to and into Badger Cove. Nothing. Changed rigs to flashers and Needlefish. Nada while heading back to narrows. Changed in the narrows to brass flashers/triple teazer and ended up with a LDR. This brings us to about 16:00. The lake starts turning on! Lost count of the LDR's and then headed back down to the south end and landed a 12". Bleeder, so we kept it. Landed a fighting 15" ~2lbs. While resetting the rigs, line was out about 20' and FISH ON! Feisty 16" scrapper stripped 100' just like that! Kept at it until 17:45 when the wind, COLD wind, chased us off the lake.

Aside from the wind, it was a nice afternoon. Didn't see many net's a'flyin. So long as you stayed on top of the TIGHTLY bunched schools, we would catch.