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03-05-2008, 04:19 PM
I have not heard too much regarding the fishing conditions over at Quarry Lakes, mostly due to the incredible fishing conditions that Del Valle has been providing and possibly due to San Pablo and Loch Lomond opening up. That lake does do some hefty stocking, however, and for the size of it it may actually be the concentration of fish per body of water around.

Yet, the reports from that lake have nearly come to a complete standstill. I have only fished this lake about a dozen times, with the first time just this past December. I have fished from the pier with great success, I have fished from the bank in Kiosk cove and along Fisherman's Row with great success and I have trolled in my 14' aluminum boat with limited success. There have also been some very slow moments where I question that there are any fish in the lake at all. :)

The one thing that struck me as odd happened to be the first time I was out there. I was on the fishing pier seeing a few people right next to me having incredible success and I was not even getting a bite. After seeing approximately 12 fish get pulled in, I finally mustered up the courage to seek out some wisdom from these professional anglers. I was told to use the following set-up: slide on a red bead and then a sliding egg sinker weight followed by a second red bead and then a swivel. Finally simply place a size 10 hook with the standard 8" lead that you get on the hook from the prepackaged hooks, like Eagle. Place two green powereggs onto the hook and cast into the water and fish will magically find the offer to be irresistable.

Would you believe that within the next hour and a half I had bagged 4 nice trout with the largest being approximately 3 pounds. This was in the afternoon around 1-2:30 pm back in the middle of December. The weather was stunning and the fishing was spectacular.

My question is simply why would such a short leader do the trick in that lake? Typically, I have done better using an 18" - 24" leader and the short size of this leader set-up seemed to go against what most books or web info recommend. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

While I am in a curious mood, I have historically not done very well at Parkway Lakes in South San Jose off of HWY 101 and would love to be granted some wisdom about how I can increase my catch rate at that lake. You pay so much just to fish there, I would actually love to see some fish.

Lastly, Loch Lomond is a lake that I have not really done all that well at although I enjoy the beauty of that lake and the clear water that it presents. Trolling and/or still fishing from boat or bank has proven somewhat difficult and again I am on a quest to gain as much wisdom and knowledge as I can so that each and every trip I take, I am as productive as possible to hook into as many fish as possible. Obviously, I am after the same thing that everyone of us on this site is after and that is to be engaged in fighting the largest fish as often as possible while we enjoy the serenity and relaxation that getting up early in the morning in somewhat freezing conditions should afford us.

I look forward to hearing from anybody whom would care to share some insight and/or stories about their experiences with any of the above mentioned lakes.

:) Patrick

03-05-2008, 04:37 PM
fished the pier at Quarry sunday afternoon until dusk for no bites

I didnt try your very short leader technique though, I run from 2 to 8' leaders

saw one trout caught on the bank to the east of the pier, and one small bass caught on the north side bank

03-05-2008, 05:54 PM
went sturday as well with no bites and the people with fish said that they started biting when they got there at 6:00 and stoped at 7:30 while i got there aat 7:45 ::). the guy i talked ro had 5 with her wife. i left at 11:30 with no bites at all. it seems that the bite has turned off right now since the last time i went out about 3 weeks ago when it was very hot. Hope it gets better though.


03-05-2008, 06:01 PM
I have noticed that Quarry Lakes turns on and off quicker than most lakes for some reason. It is usually either really hot or really not!

Regarding the leader length of using just the prepackaged hooks and snelled 8" leader, it was definitely the ticket that day I was there. I have since tried the short leader set-up at other lakes including Dell Valle and have had very good success. There must be something to the red beads and the power bait being so close together, it just seems to be out of whack with traditional sense.

Anybody care to add their thoughts on why leader length success varies from lake to lake. Some lakes a 4' leader is the ticket while at others, an 8" leader does the trick. How do you know when to try what, besides the obvious answer of trying various ones until you get a fish on and then sticking with that one. :)


03-05-2008, 06:34 PM
I don't know what's up with the short leaders but Mine usually range from 15-18 inches and I almost never get skunked at that lake anymore. The trick I have learned and have been telling to people for years is toss it as far as you can. Put one the biggest egg sinker and chuck it out there like no other. I even saw a guy run and cast before.

03-06-2008, 09:01 AM
the area by the pier is 80 to 90 ft deep..i constantly mark HUGE fish in front of the pier ..maybe a short leader there is working because the fish seem to always be about 1 ft from the bottom.if i were to fish the pier i would try and get about 15 ft out 80 ft down facing the lake.im telling you i always mark lunkers down there..although i was guessing they were cats..btw,we have had great luck trolling the lake for big fish,on the dropoffs ,shelfs and points.2 weeks ago my brother in law banged a 15 lber,next day my dad got a 7 and 10 pounder.there are big fish in there for sure.good luck.

03-06-2008, 12:31 PM
Thanks, Full_Trout_Jones for the added information. I will be out there tomorrow afternoon trying my luck. I will let you know how it goes.


03-06-2008, 09:35 PM
I was once at convict lake, which has some of the clearest water around, and the fish were holding right near the bottom... 8" leader would probably be ok. I fish at crowley, and we fish flies 6" from the bottom... honestly, fish are probably pretty close to the bottom most of the time. i think they might be up in the mid water column when feeding on shad or something. otherwise, most fish like structure, and im sorry, but there is no structure at 30ft in 80ft of water. however, this is just 'sometimes'. i have always heard of the bead trick. maybe just another little bit of color to add? in bass fishing they use glass beads, and brass weights, and when you pull on your line while fishing a worm, they 'click' together. but bait fishing, you aren't clicking it. i would suggest maybe trying 2 leader lengths at a new lake. try 8" and a 2-3ft. adjust to which one you are catching fish. bait fishing can be simply where you cast your line. there are better spots on the bottom than others. if there is a shelf, hump, hole, drop off, river bed, the fish are going to concentrate there. so literally someone next to you casting to the left and you casting to the right can have different results. this is where a depth finder comes in. however, w/o a boat, that is tough. a float tube with a portable depth finder isn't too pricey, maybe check that out. some people catch fish by luck, some catch them with some skill. having a little skill will assist your luck... haha, feel free to correct/argue me on any of the above, as im no 'fishmaster'!

03-07-2008, 10:07 AM

My question is simply why would such a short leader do the trick in that lake? Typically, I have done better using an 18" - 24" leader and the short size of this leader set-up seemed to go against what most books or web info recommend. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

My best guess is plant life. If you have a lake with a lot of 6' plants on the bottom then an 18" leader just won't cut it. Your bait will be hidden.
The reason that most fisherman will put a longer leader on is to place the bait right above the fish's eyes because as we all know they don't really see well below them.
I am assuming because of the fairly clear water and constantly high fishing pressure at Quarry they just try to hide as deep as possible.....??
Horseshoe lake is a lot harder to fish than most people realize...... Good Luck!!!!

....I have also found that red beads work well at quarry lakes........ ;)