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02-28-2008, 10:48 AM
Boss is gone tonight that means Iím playing hooky and heading to Pyramid on Friday anyone else going?

02-28-2008, 06:12 PM
I take it your boss doesn't fish, or at least he's not on this board. :-? Hope you don't run into him/ her on the lake. I'll be in jail (work) tomorrow, but it will be perfect out there. 66 degrees in Reno, and the weatherman says he wouldn't be surprised if it hits 70. Pyramid off the bank on Sunday for me. Don't catch them all.

02-28-2008, 07:27 PM
The local weather is calling for a high wind warning for Pyramid Lake tomorrow, so be careful out there.


02-29-2008, 08:29 PM
Wow what a day was on the water by 8am Geezer, Barbara and a friend of mine.
We got there first so we waited for Sam to launch. We headed south to Block House only got as far as the nets my big motor kept dying out.

I guess I had some kind of air pocket in the line I tried to get the little motor working and it did the same thing that it did with Mongo and me it acted like it wasnít turning over.

Mongo and I was able to get it going last time but I tried everything this time and nothing. *:'(I will take it back to the shop on Monday after Ric1 and I fish Sunday.
We fished for 3 hours and nothing there were a few *[smiley=yikes.gif]white caps so we headed north.

Big motor was working great by then. We started trolling just the other side of Pelican only caught 2 fish so we headed to the mushroom and boy did we get in to the fish. [smiley=cheerleader.gif]

[smiley=shocked.gif]Get this the luck lure were spoons. WE used a trout pattern and a huge Blue spoon and the other spoon was a huge green and yellow spoon. ::)

[smiley=yahoo.gif]We brought 14 on the boat and lost 6 two of them huge as a matter of fact one still has my lure in its mouth. Water was 46 we were in 156 to 200 ft of water 25 ft down didnít mark a lot on the gps but we sure were hitting them.

By 2pm the weather was calm I will post pictures on Sat my dial up is to slow. *>:(I will be back out there on Sunday with Ric1 and Fishing buddy and his girlfriend. :P

I was really proud of myself today I truly was a guide today. *::)My friend really enjoyed himself. *Iím as sore as can be tonight and it sure feels wonderful. [smiley=tongue2.gif]

Sam you gave up to soon [smiley=nana.gif] :-*

02-29-2008, 08:43 PM
Great report Chick, sounds like an awesome day you had out there! Look forward to the pics. :)

02-29-2008, 09:01 PM
Beth you need to check your fuel filter ;) your water temp is way off water temp cant be over 45 degrees right now. glad you had a great day on the water.

03-01-2008, 06:53 AM
WHOOT HOOT WAY TO GO Just keep the touch till after Sunday. ;)

03-01-2008, 07:00 AM
way to go girl

03-01-2008, 07:50 AM
Nice job chick. I keep checking the reports to get my pyramid fix. That did the job. Good luck sunday.

03-01-2008, 08:29 AM
Holly cow !! You gave up on your favorite APEX !!

Way to go chick. Maybe it is going to be like the old days?

Nothing but spoons and flatfish . Naaaa.

We want pictures.......................

You might chech the fuel line for a hole, also if you use tanks. ;)

03-01-2008, 08:50 AM
Great report Chick...14 to the boat this time of year is terrific :)

Do you use the priming ball on your fuel line?? I have to pump mine up for the kicker, anytime it sets for a few days...Just a thought 8-)

03-01-2008, 09:16 AM
Nice report & glad you didn't get stuck on the water. Like Bob said, I have to prime the air out of mine too when I first fire up my kicker.

03-01-2008, 12:52 PM
I think I will have Rick plug the kicker directly in to the big motor gas line and then if the motor works fine I'll know for sure if it is the filter or the motor.

I have never had any problems with the big motor so I guess it was just a air bubble or something I hope well see how she does on Sunday

Here are a few pictures of my friend and his fish check out the water how nice it is. Rick lets go get your no butt down here
* * * * http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/7162/art1vd8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/9210/art2gr9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/7227/fishartbf4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/5800/lexield7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5991/p2280004450x337ra8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/6518/p2290012ix2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/7073/sam1yq3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)
http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/4473/samtz2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By chickfishing58 (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/chickfishing58)

03-01-2008, 02:27 PM
WOW!! :o What a nice day. Your teasing us Beth..thats not fair! :(I'm going have to get there soon, I have some stuff I ordered from Cabela's. Gonna have to stop on the way..again!! ;)

03-01-2008, 07:19 PM
I will see you in the morning Beth. Man it looks nice out there.