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02-16-2008, 07:02 PM
Hit the lake today with my neighbor. We weren't sure what lake we would hit and first went to Amador. While driving across the Dam it was obvious the boat traffic was already real heavy at 7am, so we turned and haeded to Pardee as a second choice.

Trolled a little out of the no wake zone for nothing. Over to the Dam and spillway for zip as well. Decided to head upriver where I fished last week and finally found some fish. First in the boat was a small koke on a Vance's dodger/Excel combination. Some short strikes on grubs and one good pulldown on an Excel. A couple of small bows on Needlefish, a few more on a wedding ring with a crawler. Nothing of any size. Mix of topline and 10 ft. on the wire. That was about it for the day. Pretty slow all around. All fish released save for the koke which was a bleeder. No pics today because I forgot my camera at home *:(

02-16-2008, 08:09 PM
I also fished Pardee today with my transmision mechanic, Brett from Placerville. The bite was a bit slower than last Sat. Started at 6:00am off the water by 2:00 pm with 2 limits but had to work for them. Nothing big today, biggest going maybe 2 lbs. Nothing today on lures. All fish caught on MEAT ;) (mini-crawlers) behind Sep's sidekicks toplined and down to 15 ft. on the riggers. Fished the same area mid-river. Water temp is still 49 degress and 1 mph best speed. Hooked a few small kokanee also. Back in the morning with my daughter. Her first trip/ride in the new boat ;D ;D. PHM

02-16-2008, 08:36 PM
Thanks for the report, looks like i have to work tomorrow and will miss a trip with Gills. He's gonna break in the new NR ;D
Clamkin, we should hook up on the next t.rip
Gills, knockem dead and be sure to put your boy on some fish,"Captain".
talk to you when you get back!


02-16-2008, 09:27 PM
No pics today because I forgot my camera at home
You had your phone with you (I know you don't leave home without it), duh, camera phone......just snap a couple and fire them to me. I might even have them posted while you're still on the water.

BTW, Crzynakedguy made it up for the fair today. He'll be testing at Sears Point tomorrow.

02-16-2008, 10:09 PM
I also fished Pardee today with my transmision mechanic, Brett from Placerville.

Hey Mark, that must have been you we saw in the nice Duck heading up river, maybe around noon? I was telling my buddy how THAT was the dream boat I want to upgrade to *:) That thing sure does look smooth going by.

I'm glad I had the crawlers or our fish count would have been cut in half. Based on your results versus ours, sounds like speed was a bit high and maybe would have helped our short strikes?

Fishinator, I'm solo quite a bit so let's defintely team up for a Pardee or Slamador round. Thinking I'll be at Amador tomorrow in hopes that Daytona keeps a few more off the water. I'll just set my DVR *;)

Doug, phone reception was hit or miss, mostly miss all day. Could barely get a signal let alone try to send anything. Crzy was threatening a fishing stop, but sounds like that's not a worry now and I can fish in peace tomorrow.