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02-10-2008, 07:56 PM
Little brother crzynakedguy couldn't make it today after coming down with a cold, so I was solo today. Didn't get to the lake until after 9. Quick inspection and I was off.........oops. Started trolling out the no wake zone and realized I forgot the downrigger clips in the car, so a quick run back to the dock.

Don't know the lake being a first trip there for me, so headed for the river based on sniffer reports. Found a little spot along a bank that wasn't occupied with trollers and set in with an Apex toplined and Needlefish on the rigger. Apex goes off within 10 minutes with a small planter. Caught fishjunky on the radio and they already had 7(boy, it doesn't pay to be late!). Rounded a little point and found this nice cove with all kinds of bait. Ran around in circles there for a little while. Had a solid pulldown that only made it about halfway to the boat before release. I was swapping colors on the rigger, popped the clip to change up again and got tagged on the release. Bring it in and it's an 11" koke.....on a shad pattern Needlefish?? *:o Actually my first ever kokanee, if you can believe it. Couple more small C&R rainbows, few missed hits, then decided to head up river further. Threw on some F-13 Rapalas and picked up the pace a little for the big fish of the day at 18" and a little less than 3 lbs. Nice drag ripper. Turned around at the logjam and got another solid tag & slightly less than 2 lb. planter. That was all I boated. Got tagged a couple more times including one more SDR that looked like it might have been another koke.

No real hot color or lure, but anything that didn't get bit in 15-20 minutes was pulled. Got fish on various Apexes, Needlefish, Uncle Larry's, Rapala, even a YoZuri crystal minnow rigged with a small worm trailer set up like a striper rig *8-)

Great weather today and even though I worked my butt off changing up it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Real nice lake and I look forward to going back soon.

02-10-2008, 08:30 PM
I was out there with Stonesfan for the first time Saturday, we found our best luck in that cove upriver with the floating outhouse. Stonesfan caught a Koke there, about the same size as you mentioned. I think it was on a needle fish, but I can't remember, we were swapping out so much its hard to recall. Good to here you had a good day!

02-10-2008, 09:16 PM
Seems like I already got this fish report :-?
Oh, that's right, it was the play by play cell phone report. Thanks for rubbin' it in.
I still can't find those F13 Rapalas in the right color so I guess it's gonna be a BassPro order :-/
Glad it worked out better than our derby effort at Melones.

02-11-2008, 06:02 AM
clamkin!! hey great report!! not a bad first time at pardee!! good chit chaten with ya at melones!! see ya out there!! CJ [smiley=captjack.gif]

Trout Tracker
02-11-2008, 06:17 AM
You can alway's count on either the wall or the outhouse cove as i call it.
When all else has failed that's where i head to.
Glad to hear you all caught fish.After reading all the reports last week i had a feeling up river was going to be crowded so i stayed away.

02-11-2008, 07:21 AM
Great report clamkin. Pardee is raking in the $$ right about now.

What's the secret to top lining Apex??? I have always had to put Apex on the DR.


02-11-2008, 08:13 AM
No secret to the Apex. I ran them about 100-120 ft back because I'm trolling with a noisy 2 stroke. My speed may be on the slow side at 1.4 or so, but I was getting good lure action indicators on the rod tip so I stayed with it.

I will say that among the Apexes in my box there is a big difference on lure action between them. I relined some of them with lighter 8 lb. leader(I think they come with 12 lb), but I don't think it's just that.