View Full Version : McSwain 12/10 and 12/11

12-07-2007, 04:50 PM
Heading to McSwain Monday afternoon to fish Monday Eve and Tuesday. Got some new stars to put on the boat. Been meaning to get some for some time.

Now all I need to do is learn how to catch fish.

Will be in a white w/blue strip 14 ft Starcraft with a blue canopy top.

Think with the colds weather I'm gonna leave the Down riggers at home.

Any last advise, I got some wedding rings Red and Green, have some red and some white grubs, and some rapalas (Trout, and a couple other types) Need to get some small and regular size flashers.

Think I should be good to go. Need to remember the Camera to snap some shots of the World record trout I'm gonna catch and release, and forget to take the lens cap off, and not have proof, but it will be true cuz I said so.

12-10-2007, 03:38 AM
:) I'd take the down riggers at least one of them you be surprised what you see deeper than you can reach without them. Hot set up for me was a orange weddingring or red wedding ring a couple of weeks ago behind a halfast brass flasher. I change out the leader on the wedding ring using 8lb test mono and attach either number 2, 1, or 1/0 Gamaksu worm hook(light wire) then I tread a night crawler on,, you can try using half of one but if you go that route buy baby nightcrawelers and use the whole thing. we were running 1 oz of ruber core weight infront of the flashers and I was only letting out from 35 feet to 50 feet behind the boat. We trolled just across the boat ramp up stream to the chimney tehn you come to the first bend and as you do you look to your left you will see a fire line cut to bare soil following a fence up the hill and some big oaks so you know you are in the right place, On your right on the bank a bunch of cotton wood trees and a trail coming down from the road where the bankies like to fish. we acturally saw a guy catching and cleaning fish there. We troled up to the next bend and ran out of time. If you want to experiment Tue I would go up to Mc Clure as we did good up there the next day starting at the houseboats on the way to Horeshore Bend. I may head upthere myself Tue morning to test something out. I will be in a green deep v starcraft on channle 69 and yes I have stars on the Jolly Ranger, Kent