View Full Version : Nov 27th Lake Mc Swain

11-28-2007, 05:11 AM
Gerald Schoonhoven and I visited Lake Mc Swain yesterday and some things never change. I haven't fished this lake in nearly 5 years yet it was where my wife, Phyllis and I started our first fishing camping trips (1970) and where I had Daniel my first son fishing with me as i changed his diapers in the bottom of the boat ;D ;D ;D. Lots of fond memories on this body of water.
We started our troll across from the ramp and worked our way up river. You will cross a small cove and from that point to the old chimmney that stands about 5 feet high on your left I have caught many a trout using halffast brassed hammered blades and a nightcrawler . From the chimmney I like going up river another couple 100 yards or so where there is room to turn around and repeat the run again. I have almost always caught a fish as I make the turn and yesterday was no exception.
I was pulling the halffast with a 1 ounce rubber core sinker in front of it and a red wedding ring tiped with a half of night crawler and caught a nice fat 14 inch planter. Next Gerald and I had a double going, Gerald landed his while I practiced my LRD techniques. within a short distance I hoioked on to another one and it is now 3 in the ice chest and things are looking good then bam the bite stops. We trolled for another hour or two BSing and having ma good time and ttrooled up river to the next bend where once again on the turn I landed one more fat planter. WE managed to do a few more LDRs before calling it a day.
I grafted alot of fish in certain areas 30 feet was a good depth to see them, however we had left teh downriggers home yesterday. Watertemp was 57 degrees, 6 degrees colder than Mc Clure. Gearld tryed excels tipped with night crawlers and a couple of other lurers but landed only 1 of the fish. Another good way to set up a flasher outfit is placing a slider on front of the flashers so you can adjust the weight you choose to use. I carry an assortment of ball weights from 1/4 ounce to 3 ounces that come in handy when I want to get off the downrigger ot the rubber corew weights do an excellent job also. Another tip is I run my flashers on no less than 14lb test line and make leaders using 8lbs or less. This way if I snag up the leader breaks and I have saved my flashers.
Gerald and I are going up to Mc Clure today I believe in search of bigger fish ;D ;D ;D, then there is a tri tip dinner tonight at my house for us waiting with his wife and mine. We plan on making this weeknd battle plans for chasing stripers out of Vierra's. So there you have it for now, how retirement life is, have a gret day, Kent