View Full Version : Woodward Skunk

11-12-2007, 09:05 PM
I got a new boat (well new to me) and had to put it into the water so I went out to Woodward because I live about 20min. away. Got into the water about 10:00am played with The boat and was vary happy It is a 85 Beachcraft openbow I/O. We ran back and foth on the lake a couple time. Then I thought of tring for some fish. I tried trolling for about an hour with no luck. So we tried a drift for about two hours and again NO LUCK. So I anchor for about two hours more and ended the day with a big SKUNK but all in all it was a great day a little windy in the morning but about 12:00 it stoped and was beautful the rest of the day. They Said at the gate that they planted friday but I could not find them I have to get a fishfinder very soon. I throw the hole tackle box that the fish but They did not want to bite. I talked to a few people that were on the water and they seemed to have the same luck as I. OH WELL maybe next time. I hope I will have better luck and kill the skunk on the new boat next time out. The wife and kids had a great time out there with me now that I have a bigger boat it will be easier to go out fishing I just have to take them with me but thats not all that bad.

11-13-2007, 10:20 AM
i'll bet i saw ya out there. i was fishing the shore along the dam. i only got one trout(see pb at woodward thread). perhaps i'll get out earlier next time.