View Full Version : Slab Creek no photos sorry

11-11-2007, 07:05 PM
We went to my faverite place again today and hit the water about 11 to try for the late afternoon bite and hit them about 300 or so we all hooked up to trout within 30 min of each other on ok 12 incher an little bleeder at 10 inches then bam a really nice fat 22 inches natural trout taken on a broke back rapala at 1.3 mph in about 20 ft of water after we didnt get anymore bite I took the boat to the ramp but without up rights on my boat( I broke them off at this same lake) it took me at two guys to get down the ramp, then while hooking up the boat my buddy said all was well so I started out of the water only to be told STOP I get out just in time to see the tail end of my boat go under........ Thank god for the first time ever at this lake we had two other boats out there and they stopped to help us get it out of the water because it had come off the trailer half way out. The water rushed in and sunk my boat within 30 sec. it took 9 of us to get it out and on the trailer . Im making new side markers tomorrow and installing them.
PS my fish finder and sat nav. is toast lol so if you have a free extra pay it forward ;).. all in all a great day with friends and a few fish to top it off