View Full Version : Collins Lake/Forebay Report

11-04-2007, 07:24 PM
Got to Collins Lake and set up by 845am. Fished the shore off road 4 play area. We threw everything we had at the lake. Liver and shrimp and worms for cats........nada. Threw powerbait, works, artificials for trout......saw one about 17inches swimming about 3 feet from shore....thought about a net, but thought I better stay legal. After about 4 hours of nothing my wife, son and I decided to leave and hit the Oroville Forebay.......

Arrived at the Forebay........Nothing for 2 hours. Got a couple of nibbles, then bam, my sons pole goes off....Reels in the nice little rainbow below.

I leave the wife and son and walk to another area.....I hear "I GOT A BOW" from my wife. She holds up the fish, I see it, smile and return to my fishing. I get a strike then nothing. I walk bak to the family, its about 440pm now, and I see a large bow on the stringer floating in the water.

16 inches long and almost 10 in girth. My wife's biggest fish yet.

As my son and I are walking up to the cleaning station, my wife walks up behind us with another one, pictured below with the biggun....

So overall not a bad day....had a good dinner thanks to my wife and my son. All I had were 3 ldr's.....Oh well, a day with the family is well worth getting skunked.

11-04-2007, 08:07 PM
ussaully Collins fishes better :-/