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10-23-2007, 01:22 PM
Sorry for the late post, but my computer is at work and just got to it today. Launched out of the public launch($3.00) at 7:00 am saw a few boats working the dam area and sheriff's cove next to the dam. I'm fishing with my buddy joe allen from petaluma and we decided to jump in line and work the same area these guys were working. Started deploying the line a 4 in. chrome sling blade w/ silver/blue cripplelure
w/ shad scent. I had it about 150ft behind the boat, right before I was going to sent it down on the d-rigger I get a top water bite and then It's
gone I bring it back and the lure is gone >:( man that lure has been hot and I don't have another. Sent down sling blades w/ silver apex and silver.blue #1 needlefish between 50-70 ft. and ran nightcrawlers w/ blueand white beads w/ silver spinner and 3 in. yo-zuri silver/black w/red eyes 150 ft back about 7 ft and 20 ft. @ 1.8 - 2.2 mph on the gps.
8pm the yo-zuri goes down and ripping some line I'm thinking snag because were close to the bank but it's a fish we position the boat for a battle but the wind was pretty bad.It blew us toward the fish and it came in fast then right under the boat and into the propeller and wrapped around about 10 times :'( I thought it broke the line but it was still there
I hand lined it in and it was a beautiful 4lb.+ landlocked steelhead with all 3 hooks of the treble in his mouth. We got the lure out and we put her back to spawn this winter. We got one more hit and that was it . We marked lots of fish in the thermocline that was up and down depending on the depth of water you are in. You can see them down there but the rain stirs them up and makes them more active. I talked to 2 other boats and they reported the same type of results, Quality fish and very little opertunity to catch them, early morning is the best bit at first lite and then it gets tough. It's active from the dam a the way up to the no ski bouys. Good luck fishing! Hope to be out next weekend as well

See you on the water


PS I'm working on the camera thing sorry!

10-23-2007, 07:54 PM
Congrats Troutwagon, you had better luck than those of us that showed up saturday. Slim pickings and I've never seen that few trailers in the parking lot.
I did talk to one young guy who pulled a rubber raft out of the trunk of his car an proceeded to troll the same area in front of the dam. He had landed three fish for the day to 18" trolling right at the surface. Of course I got this bit of info as I was leaving after trying everything I had (except my blue/silver criplure :-[) at anywhre from 20' to 50' OTW.

Score for Saturday;
4 big expensive fishing machines=0
1 small inflatable raft+elect. troll=3


Hope next weekend is better.


10-23-2007, 08:13 PM
Man those cripplures work everywhere!

10-23-2007, 09:00 PM
when I fished shasta that's all i was catching fish on! Gary Miralles said you needto come out with me son and I'll show you the secrets of the cripplelure. So I'm booking a trip with him next month to fish shasta with my buddy greg and I'm going to pick his brain apart with questions!
They do work everywhere !