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10-13-2007, 07:18 AM
SInce the weather is dropping, as the lake level drops, and the snow is to come shortly, I and my family are planning on hitting Bucks Lake one more time :-[. We have only fished there once, and would like to know from some of the more experienced Bucks Lake anglers, this time of year where is the best area to start for bankers? ;) Last time we fished up near Mills Creek for a nice stringer of Brooks and Bows :D.

Is near the dam better this time of year ( normally ) :-?? Or are the creek areas still the best bet ( Normally ) :-?? I know there is no "NORMAL", but on average and in opinions of the more seasoned fishermen out there.

The weather forecast is for clear and a high of 57.

I will of course post a report of our trip and pics if any ;D.

Thanks in advance all.

10-13-2007, 11:36 AM
* I would start by fishing near the Mill Creek area (Sundew campground) if you are bank fishing. *Use nightcrawlers (or PB) if shore fishing; rapalas, spinners, or kastmasters if trolling. *The water is really low now and the water temp has been falling rapidly. *The brookies should be showing their spawning colors by now. *You should expect to catch rainbows, brookies, and browns. *Have a great time, and dress warm! :)

- Paradise Pontoon

10-14-2007, 05:13 AM
Thanks Paradise. Thats where we were a month ago and prduced nicely. The water was low then also. I assumed that was were we would go. As far as dress warmly, I always dress in layers and my son too. As for my wife, well, she will do what she will do....haha....I will report tonight when we get back.

Thanks again for the advice.

10-14-2007, 02:51 PM
Bucks Lake = 2

Family of anglers = 0

We did not even get a nibble all day. Moved a couple of times along Mills Creek, no go. Water Low, obstacles all over. Tried everything from floating workms to power bait ( name the color we tried ). 4 inches off the bottom to almost 22 inches off the bottom. I ot snagged and tried to pull straight back on my rod, no go. So I grab the line and start to pull to try and get it released, my pole moves from between my legs and SNAP!!!!!! There goes the top 8 inches of the rod. Brand new rod, have not even landed a fish with it yet. Then, my wife casts her line ( she likes the push button type reels ) it goes about 10 feet then click then snap. There goes the leader and all.......I open the reel to look at the damage on the line.......POP...the reel explodes into many pieces.

Basically, we should have stayed home and played fishing on the Wii...LOL.....It was a beautiful day, only 4 other people seen today....

Oh and I forg to to add that on the way up my son gets car sick for the first time in his life. No fish, broken rod, broken reel and partially digested breakfast all over the inside of the car.

Enjoy all.

10-14-2007, 09:07 PM

I was thinking about going there again...tons of fish this summer.... if fall is a slow season there- I might just do Almanor instead.