View Full Version : New Melones 8-16 Night Fishing

08-17-2007, 02:33 PM
My dad and I had a good time night fishing last night at New Melones. *We launched at the Tuttletown ramp and headed across the lake to the Texas Charlie drainage. *

We found a nice little submerged ridge that was about 35 feet deep with much deeper water on either side and tossed in the anchor. When it got dark we dropped in the light and baited up with worms on two rods and minnows on the other two. *During the next few hours we caught 1 large mouth bass, 3 small catfish, 2 15" rainbows and 9 large crappie. *My kind of night fishing! *We made it back to the ramp by midnight and home by 1am with filets and cleaned trout. *

I wish I could go again tonight.

Patrol Twentyone