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08-15-2007, 04:14 PM
I got the nerve to try again and this time was more succesful. I was using the P line flourocarbon stuff on all my fishing poles. We started out slow with 3 fish in 4 hours (lost a bunch too), but once we figured out that the large willow leaf, silver blade lake troll (with a worm), and that the far corner close to the campsites and all the way across the far side of the lake is where the fish are, we started to catch fish consistantly. We ended with 13 fish in 7 hours of fishing. I caught a natural rainbow that was just under 17 inches. The fillet was pink like salmon!

In my opinion, fly fishing would have killed because evidently there was a cattis hatch and the fish were jumping all over the place. We trolled literaly 10 ft from the shoreline with the blades, as close as i dared without snagging.

Carson River: My dad and I took a drive over the pass and took a look at a few streams including Silver Creek, and Mokolumne River (which was so low it was just puddles). Silver creek and Carson River were both really low, but they had a deep holes(4-5 ft) scattered every 100 yards. We tried for a half hour, but decided we didn't want to hike all over the place for a few OK holes.


08-15-2007, 04:52 PM
Glad things turned around for you at Alpine. Sounds like Bill at EPSG had it dialed in on the fishing line.


08-15-2007, 05:09 PM
Oh no.....I'm heading up to the moklumne this weekend for, four days, puddles arn't fun to fish ! I had a feeling I might be fishing mosquito lakes instead or have to drive up to the carson, or silver creek, Thankfully theres quit a few places to fish in that area. If all else fails I'll go float tube or rent a boat at alpine. Whatever the case I will find fish ! *;) But then again there wont be a dieoff as far as rainbows go until water temp comes close to 80 degrees, So there are fish there, they dont just disapear when it gets low !