View Full Version : Fuller Lake

08-04-2007, 08:55 PM
Went in Friday morning for a few hours before picking my son and his buddies up at Boy Scout Camp. Got there at 6am and had the area by the dam pretty much to myself, people started arriving around 7am. Saw lots of fish hitting bugs on the surface. Took the spinning rod with green powerbait and put that out in to the lake in the middle of the dam. The water is very clear. I put a olive dry fly on the fly rod and got a few looks from some 8-10" browns but no takers. Over all I fished till 10am and caught nothing. I did learn a few things though. The vegatation on the bottom of the lake calls for a 36" leader to keep the powebait or worms out of the vegatation. I started out with my typical 18" leader and after seeing a couple of trout caught on worms I noticed the guy had a longer leader. I saw about 6 trout caught all together. two on worms and the rest on yellow powerbait the three guys that got fish were all using a 36" leader. All fish were 8 - 14 inches long. The DFG truck dropped some planters down by the boat ramp about 8:30. One guy told me that a worm & marshmallow rig worked really well there. I put the fly rod down for awhile and worked some lures also. Had a few followers but no takers on a rooster tail in yellow. Also casted small rapalas, little cleos, kastmasters, mepps and panther martins. Nice little lake and is perfect for a small boat. This was my first time there.