View Full Version : Yuba River @ Highway 20 bridge

07-30-2007, 07:50 AM
I stole a couple of hours Sunday morning to flyfish under the highway 20 bridge on the Yuba while my family slept at the hotel.

I did not get any but as I was leaving around 8am two guys showed up with spinning gear and my observation was they had 1oz sliding egg sinkers and spinners on thier lines. Told me that the day before they got 3 nice fish out in the main current just north of the bridge. They were working from the bank and not wading. When they saw some other guys wading in the mid current they decided to take off to go further up river. They explained that they felt that wading in the river spooked the fish.

My observations on the fish food were that I saw some large helgramites (1.5 inches) on several rocks and a bunch of yellow jackets working next to the shore.