View Full Version : Shasta Lake, Wednesday July 18

07-18-2007, 07:45 PM
Started out in Dry Fork around 0600. Got the first one on the Purple/White HD at 50'--a fair size but very wormy. A few minutes later I got another on the Nickle/Shad CL at 70'. Got one other shortly thereafter then it seemed to shut down so I headed out toward the main part of the lake. Got a nice 18 incher on the Flee Bitty and shortly thereafter another on the Blue/Silver HD at 75' at the mouth entering Dry Fork. Got several more on the same two lures from that point and along the buoys near the dam.

There was a fairly constant light rain but little wind.

Most of us are very conscious of our trolling speed. When I get a hit, I reduce my speed to idle. I got a hit on the Flee Bitty, reduced speed to about 1 mph, brought in a nice Trout, reset the lure and lowered it back to 90'. Before I got back to speed, I got another hit on the HD while going only about 1 mph. Go figure.

I worked the Dam area and the Flee Bitty continued to draw attention but the Blue/Silver, while productive for an hour or so, was being ignored. Changed to the Gold/Black HD around 100' and started getting hits right away. The bite there slowed so I trolled on to Digger Point.

Got some more hits up there. It was all Trout until I got to Digger Point and got two dink Salmon.

Brought in many Trout, 15 to 18" and several others at 10 to 14". The incident of Trout infected with Copepods were more than I remember seeing in the past. Even those caught in deeper, colder water had the worms. All the shallow fish had the worms and about half the deeper ones had them.

The new Flee Bitty was very popular with the Trout. I am not sure if the hooks are proper with this new lure and I will experiment.

By the way, the depths noted are readings from the DR and did not take into consideration the sway-back of the 10# DR weight.

I continued with that combination until around 1500 when an electrical storm came in which encouraged me to pack up and head for the dock.

It was a rare July day on Shasta. The day-long rain apparently discouraged most of the the "personal watercraft" users and water skiers. To top it off, the catching was good!

And it would have been good even if I had ran out of Southern Comfort... Bud