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07-05-2007, 07:01 PM
I must have been crazy to go out to Livermore today. *It was very hot. *I was hoping that the winds that power the nearby windmills would cool me off. *The windmills were not moving at all. *

Trout were planted on 7/3. *The L.V. website hints at the possibility of 8 lb. trophy trout. *When Iíve called the marina this week, one of the employees confirms the trout plant took place but canít confirm the size of the fish. *When Iím at the marina this morning, I get a similar ambiguous answer. *Later in the day, the guy tells me his manager says there were some nice ones planted on Tuesday. *Oh well. *Their marketing person teased me enough to entice me to visit even in this heatÖ

The weather was hot and the fishing was pretty hot. *I started fishing *the banks of the South Cove about 6:45. *I started breaking a sweat around 7:30. *For the first hour and a half, I could see and hear the fish feeding on the surface, especially very close to shore. *I caught my first one on a Kastmaster. *A small planter about ĺ of a pound. *Thought about keeping it for a second then decided to release it in hopes of bigger fish. *My next trout was almost 2 lbs and was caught on white power eggs. *The next 6 trout were caught on inflated half nightcrawlers with a white power egg. *

The trick was to cast within 10-20 feet of the shoreline. *When I cast my bait 10 feet off the shoreline, Iíd tell myself that I should cast again because that is ridiculously too close to shore. *I would then have to remind myself to be patient because I did see the fish feeding at this distance. I believe many of the anglers fishing this morning at the South Cove werenít very successful because they were casting out too far. *Another thing was the fish werenít biting on powerbait for some reason. *I got a couple nibbles on my rainbow PB and white PB, but the fish werenít interested. *

The fish I took home were 1 Ĺ to 4+ pounds. *Most had the stubby, ugly-looking tails typical of recently stocked fish. *The four pounder put up a good fish and made a few runs. *


I stopped fishing for trout by 10:45 and tried for bass. *I caught my first largemouth on a dropshot rig. * See the Bass board for the pic

On my way home I stopped at a Starbucks on Vasco Road. *I took a picture of my carís monitor. *It shows the outside temp in the top right corner. * *(I donít know how accurate the gauge is but it was probably at least in the high 90ís.) *Not humid though.


All in all it was a great day of fishing at Los Vaqueros. *Hope to go back soon when the weather cools off a bit. *

07-05-2007, 08:35 PM
One thing I've learned about Los Vaqueros is that sometimes,
even on the HOTTEST DAYS, you can still catch TROUT!

Most lakes slow down during the summer, but every now and
then this lake fools you. I've had my best luck down at the last
dock tossing MEPPS SPINNERS on either side.

Haven't fished there much since purchashing my LUND BOAT,
but before that had some good times throwing metal...........

Thanks for the GREAT report.


07-06-2007, 06:15 AM
Good report and you nail it on the head. *At LV, cast only 10-20ft and you'll catch your trout and they usually bite only on inflated nightcrawlers or white power eggs especially when dipped in garlic oil/scent. *They are never very far out. *The only thing is if you cast farther out, you have a better chance at the salmons there. *Wow, you're braver than I am. *I check their website yesterday and it stated 104 degrees in the afternoon. *Weird how the last few days there, there hasn't been any wind to cool us.