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07-03-2007, 07:57 AM
This week at Eagle has been a little slow, most of which I would blame on the full & bright moon this week. The good news is that the tui chub minnows are starting to show up. I have noticed small groups in the marina as well as along the shore at Eagle’s Nest. Sunday I fished hard for one small fish that I picked up on a white and gray sure catch fished at 6 colors in 50’ of water at Shrimp Island. I took a chance the last 2 days and started fishing deep with white tui-chub imitation flies I tie and have had good success with them fishing 6 colors down in between Eagle’s Nest and the springs in 80’ of water.

Most folks are reporting the fishing is slower that normal, but I expect that it will pick up as the moon becomes less of a factor and we get some warmer weather to push the fish into deeper water and hold them there.

For those of you coming up this weekend there is a free Seminar at the Marina featuring talks from Sep himself as well as several other guides. There is also a raffle to benefit Project Eagle Lake Trout.

I will be down south (Morro Bay) from the July 8-13 for a vacation so if you plan to be up here then, good luck!!


07-03-2007, 02:45 PM

Thanks for the report. I hope it picks up before August.