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05-29-2007, 05:38 PM
Went to the Pit river for a three day fishing trip. I took along a friend and we camped by the river. We fished with nightcrawlers and I caught 6 wild rainbows and friend caught 1. There was one rainbow that I caught that I wont forget, an 18incher. I hooked him on 4lb test while drifting a worm. The Trout ran to three different boulders tryin to escape, then he got smart and ran towards a 2 foot waterfall. while fishing from a huge boulder I knew if he got over those falls my line would snap tryin to pull him back over :-/ So in a desperate attempt I grabed the line just as he was about to go over the falls. (he had a foot to go) And pulled him back into the current :) After about 2.5 min he was to tired to run and he was mine! The others that we caught we in the 13, 14 inch range. We were fishing pit river 4 where you are still aloud to use bait.