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04-06-2007, 04:26 PM
WOW, what a day for sniffers at Berryessa. *We had a blast at the 1st annual Kokaneemart.com Great Friday Derby. I had three great fishermen in my boat today: Kokaneemart, MJK and my son "the Pup" Patrick. *Thanks guys for all the fun! *The boat reeked of Aloha today! ;) *It was a king fest out there and everyone seemed to be on fish. *MJK scored fist blood and was in a toe to toe battle with Patrick the rest of the day. *We lost count of all the fish that we caught and released came home with our limits. *Hot action on hoochies, RGTs and Cripplelures. *Hell, we caught fish on needlefish, spinners and Excels too! *

Patrick ended up taking derby honors with a 21 inch 2lbs 12oz toad. Not bad for a 12 year old who selects his own setups and sets his own downrigger. *(Is that a comment from a proud Dad? *ABSOLUTELY!! :)) *Team Kokaneemart also took honors for the nicest limit with 5 at 19-20" and a total weight of 11.25lbs. *:)

It was great to see and talk to so many sniffers out there today. *Big D and Fishermunn get the nod for calling us over to a hot bite. *Thanks again fellas! 8-) *That was mighty "snifferous" of you! ;) *Thanks to Rod Bender for the spare downrigger parts to help a poor Dog out that lost a shark weight to failed cable crimps. *Again, that was very "snifferous" of you too! 8-) *

I'm sure I'll leave some names out but here's a shot: *Vacaville Bob, JusTrollin', Big D, Fishermunn, Rod Bender, Earl the Pearl, Kokemachine, Big Dan G, Firetrout, Dennis (in absenter) and others. *It was a pleasure seeing you all out there and thanks again for a Great Friday!!!! ;D


04-06-2007, 05:12 PM
A GREAT FRIDAY it was! Can't wait to see the photos. What a treat to fish with Dog, Pup and my main man Kokaneemart. I will now officially state...."I HAVE SERIOUS NR ENVY!". OK? I said it. Done. Now what? Stay tuned. As for the camraderie and outstanding fishing, can it get better? I don't think so. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Big D and Fishermunn for letting us in our their "secret spot." Turned an average day into a banner day. Thanks also to Rod Bender for organizing the event. Met a bunch of new Sniffers and saw some old buddies. Finally, congrats to young Patrick (Pup) a true fishing machine (and one heck of a fine young man) for taking top honors in both categories. Guys, the dude can fish. I believe we have a guide in training.
Thanks again Captain Dog for a memorable day on Aqua de Berryessa.
Can't wait till next time.


04-06-2007, 06:05 PM
Glad you guys had a good time, VVBob called me as he was out there slaying those Kings ::) Heck I might have made it if I knew it was going to be a party ;) Pic's, us sniffers like pic's ;D ;D ;D

04-06-2007, 07:16 PM
Got too meet alot of sniffers today,dog & pup(congradulations),MJK,Fishermun,olanguy,vacavil le bob,kokoloco,kokaneemart,& some others that I cant realy remember right now.Great day of fishing with lots of nice people.Only took 1 pic when I got home other have some great photos,Im sure they'll post up later

04-06-2007, 07:22 PM
Nice report guys and thank you. I'm finally going to break away from the curse known as Folsom lake and give Berryessa a shot tomorrow. It took me long enough but I guess better late than never.

no anchor

04-06-2007, 07:53 PM
Man what a GREAT day.....Weather was absolutely gorgeous, & the fish were on a tear.......
Was great (that word again) meeting up with all you sniffers. I met so many new people today my head is swimming. I just love these minifest's.
I think we had 12 sniffer boats out today, here we are at the weigh in.
And these were the contenders for biggest limit...WOW what beauties
Yes guys those are Berryessa Kings....
Then after the weigh in I headed back to the ramp, I saw Kokoloco trolling out in front f the dam. I though what the heck maybe I could pick up a couple more to give me a limit ( I only kept 2 fish ).
25 minutes later
20 1/4 inches, 2.12 pounds......a couple of hours earlier & I would have been splitting "Big Fish Prize" with Patrick.. 8-)

Here are my two biggest for the day

04-06-2007, 08:07 PM
Great report Bob. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. We quit at 9 fish. It was fun but the wind was really beating us up out there. There will certainly be many next times. ;)


04-06-2007, 08:22 PM
Just woke up from a 4 hour "Silver Bullet Siesta"
Rolling in King's all morning is hard work. ::) *Fishermunn and I had solid action from the time we put our lines in the water at 7AM untill we quit about 11:30. We had 6 fish in the net, including a 19" fish before the official 7:30AM starting time. I have no idea how many fish we ended up boating but wouldn't be suprised if it was over 30 :o We had numerous doubles, twice had all four rod's with fish on. We ended up with 6 of our 10 fish we boxed going over 17.5". The biggest just short of 20"

Congratulations to Patrick for Big Fish and the Dogapolluza crew for edging us out on the Big Stick! Iwas counting our peso's with the nice fish we had in the box.

Rolling Shad, Hum Dinger's and Rocky Mountain UV Squid's behind 3 0 Sliver Dodgers at 60' with lots of Pro Cure Shad Gel was the ticket today.

* * * * * * * * * * Official weigh in and Sniffer Beer Fest

Thanks for the nice photo of the girls with a nice stick of King's JT, I was so busy setting rods with all the action I never took the time to take any fish pic's. I'm hoping Rod Bender shares some of the great shots he normally takes.

Great morning of King Fishing with Mi Amigo's

Rod Bender
04-07-2007, 04:24 AM
What a day it was for all who went to Berryessa on Great Friday. I had my dad, Earl the Pearl and long time fishing friend Kevin Kline with me in my boat. As we headed out in the morning from Markley, I went to the dam area and looked around with BigD and FisherMunn. I almost put the lines down and then decided to make the 6 mile ride out to Skiers Cove. This might have been a mistake???

We dropped our lines in right at 7:30am and 20 seconds later fish on. We boated 8 kings in the first hour, including one contender for big fish at 2lbs 7oz., at the mouth to the big water. Between trying to reel in fish, set down riggers and answer the radio I was very busy in the morning. We were missing the good bite at the dam but on the other hand, it gave me a chance to contact all boats that were in the derby to clarify the rules and meeting place.

About 9:30am BigD called me on the phone and said they just had a triple. So we pulled in all the lines and headed for the dam. For the next two hours the hot bite continued for the 10 to 12 boats trolling in this area. We lost count as well of the number fish that we rolled in. Our best depth was 60' and the glow in the dark hoochies and white needle fish were our top producers.

At 11:30am we headed back to the Skiers Cover area to get closer to the wiegh in cove. We dropped our lines down again hopping to get a few more pigs for our limit stick, just no fish in this area. At 12:20am we headed to Tittie Beach to meet up with the other Sniffers. As we beached I looked back out to the water and couldn't believe all the boats coming our way. I told Kokaneemart, what have we started hear?

As I watched BigD putting 18 and 19" kings on his limit stick, I thought he and FisherMunn were going to take it with those monsters. And then the DOG stepped out of his boat and on to shore with and even more impressive limit stick. Hold on now, we still have JT and his lady luck team. JT proudly walk up with his cooler and quickly opened it and starting putting five more big Kings on his stick. At the time, we didn't know that we were all looking at 15 kings that would go about 28lbs.

By now we know who one, congrads to DOG and his crew for first, BigD and FisherMunn were runner ups and to JT, who didn't start fishing untill 9am took 3rd. Big fish went to Pattrick with 2lbs 120z and the Rod Bender team took second with a 2lb. 7oz. King.

It was great to meet everybody and see some old friends at the first annual Great Friday Kokaneemart Fest. Can't wait untill next year. Can the fishing get any better at Berryessa? We have been saying that for the past three weeks, and just keeps getting better. Her are some pics from Friday.

Earl the Pearl hooked up

Kevin landed our best King for the day

JT and his Lady Luck team

BigD and FisherMunn

Let the lies begin

The boats just kept coming in

More stories about he one that got away

FisherMunn and BigD with 5 nice Kings

The top three limit sticks for the day - over 28lbs of Kings

BigDanG with a nice limit stick of KOKES and Kings, Proud Pattick with his winning limit stick

04-07-2007, 06:12 AM
Fish on, fish on, fish on! How many times could we say it. Hey Big D what a day and thanks for the ride. It felt different than being in my boat - quite relaxing! This "Great Friday" event got off to a great start with many big fish caught. Thanks to Rod Bender and Ric for putting it together. I think we all agree this had to have been the best day of king fishing we have ever experienced on Lake Berryessa. We're not done yet though - IT'S KOKANEE TIME!!


04-07-2007, 08:35 AM
What a great day of fishing! Can it get even better? I even caught my first ever kok!! It's fish on the barby tonite. ;D

04-07-2007, 10:47 AM
Well done on those kokes out there Kokoloco. *Sorry I left you off the list earlier. *I think there were only a couple of boat that found the kokes yesterday. *I hope you enjoyed the meal! :)

Here is a great picture of Patrick, Kokaneemart, MJK and a nice king toad (btw Patrick is holding the king, if you were confused! ;))


04-07-2007, 12:36 PM
HI Guys
Anybody going to be out there on tuesday? GVF and I are kicking the ideal of hitting it Tuesday. Niether one of us have ever fished it so were hopeing for someone to follow around, and maybe give us a clue.

04-07-2007, 04:05 PM
Well, It started out great when I left home, until I got to Markley and remembered, actually not remembered the DOWN RIGGERS! >:( :o

So I started out at Skier's Cove with using different size weights. Just after about 7:45 we started getting hits. Did pick up a nice trout with its' fur coat on :-/ and let it go back to surprise some other fishermen. :)

The first hour was great hearing Fish On, Fish On. etc. by all boats in the armada. I sure enjoyed meeting the sniffers today. I was sorry that I could not enter the derby after forgetting the down riggers.

Seeing Rod Bender take off for the dam gave us some clues that something fishy was happening at the dam. :-/ About 12:30 my friend and I decided we were slow and to give it a try. On our way some sniffers were going to Skiers Cove. We gave them a holler and let us know how well they did. ;) We worked that area untill about 1:30 and then headed for the dock. Sorry I missed the get together at Tittie Beach. It looks like fun was had by all. :)

We ended the day with 10 total keeping 5. Half trout half kings and 1 crappie taking a cripple lure.

P.S. Thanks to the sniffer who offered us two down riggers, but they were scotties and I have cannon mounts. That's what I call helping in an emergency. ;)

Great times and hope to talk with you folks again on the water. :)

04-07-2007, 04:08 PM
What a 'GOOD FRIDAY" good to see all of you fisherman and ladies,good going Patrick,you did a fine job.JT it good to see your girls fishing,you dads keep brieging your kids,look what its done for me,now my son brings me,thanks for a nice day son,good to meet new friends,see you on the water soon

04-07-2007, 06:16 PM
Thanks Kokaneemart and fellow Fishsniffers for a "Great Day"!! Since I'm probably the closest to the lake (from Fairfield) I launched at Capell Cove (the only freebie launch) and fished mainly around skier's cove. It was red hot early but not much size to them, heck we even caught one king on a double-hook shad rig that my fishin buddy forgot to bait up ;D The only decoration that setup had was 2 beads above the top hook. We heard all the commotion of those boats leaving for the dam, but with a 14-foot skiff and 15-hp Honda 4-stroke along with the usual 2-hundred pound fishermen...it just seemed a little too far :-/ So, we stayed with them and managed our best 3 fish 18, 18-1/2 and about 19+ inches within the last hour and right off the eastern point of skier's cove. The 3 were at 61 feet deep with either glow in the dark blue hootchies or the red killer B spinner. Our biggest weighed in at 2 pounds 1 oz., maybe next time we'll be in the money. It was good to see you guys again (Ric, Steve, Mike) and to meet some fellow sniffers. Let's do this again later this year when the kokanee fishing gets serious.

04-08-2007, 05:09 PM
We'll i finally got home it really was hard to be up at the lake for three days straight cathching kings and kok's. I had a truly great day on Friday and very proud to be part of the first Great Friday Kokaneemart fest. It was very cool meeting everyone and seeing everyone after almost a year. We did really well We got three kok's to 14.5" and a couple nice kings. Congratulations to little patrick and team kokaneemart. When i grow up I want to be just like you guys. Rod Bender,Earl the Pearl, Big D, Fishrrmunn, Kokaneemart, Vacavillebob,E grammer,J.T, and everone else it was Great Fishing with you guys. Thanks Rod Bender for that hoochie it was an easter present to my son. He used it today and out fished the old man.

04-08-2007, 07:22 PM
Like my brother in law Big dan G , I just got home from a long weekend of King slaying. It was off the hook all weekend up there. Thanks for the dam tip fishermunn, Rod bender, kokaneemart etc... We fished there Sat and Sunday and it was unbelievable. We caught some nice fish on the same set up up to 21 inches. It was great to be involved in the first annual Kokaneemart Great friday derby. It was also nice to meet some of you in person. We have some nice pictures to post so if anyone knows the easy way to do so it would be appreciated! I will be up there again for 3 days starting thursday night so give me a shout if any of you sniffers are planning on being up there. Thanks again. Eric

04-08-2007, 07:59 PM
Gram it sounds like it was good at the pond this weekend. Ibe back up there till the 22nd. It looks like the dog house got some good kings. Rod bender we will get togather soon and fish in my boat. T-ROY

04-08-2007, 08:36 PM
Wow...what a day! I finally get to add my 2 centavos worth of banter to this thread! First, it was an awesome day and Big D and FisherMunn...we appreciate the tip on your hot spot! * ;)
Secondly, Dog, MJK and Patrick, thank you for showing me a great time and man can MJK and Patrick catch those kings!! (Dog...we picked a good team!) ;D

This is what a group event is all about...good laughs, nice people and plenty of cash for th kid!! *8-)

The bite is on fire as has been mentioned and the quality of the fish is excellent. Get out there if you can and just look out for a *12 year old named Patrick that might want to compare big fish for $5!! ;D

I'm marking Good Friday for next year and it will be the 2nd annual Great Friday fishoff!