View Full Version : Pardee 17/18/19

02-19-2007, 03:27 PM
Got to Pardee about 8pm Sat. Nite. I fished from the bank to the left of the boat ramps. I fished from 10pm till 1 am. I got one good hit I thought I had more but i realized they were swimming into my line. They were jumping everywhere. I even heard one hit his head on the dock! Hahaha. So I went trolling Sun. afternoon, in the marina from the narrows to the damn with no results. Then I parked my boat around 5 pm. Sat next to the docks again on the bank about 3 hrs. and again nothing. They are in there swimming around, just not biting. Woke up Mon. morning went down to the same spot. I seen 2 older gentlemen fishing, I overheard them talking one guy was there all day sun. He said he threw everything he had at them with no success. So I decided to pack up the trailer and load the boat and head home. Back to work Tue. I was thinking of going to Amador, but I heard it was muddy. So on the way home I called Amador, they said in some of the creeks the water is starting to clear up. That was my weekend had a great time, just wish I could have bagged me some trout!!