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01-20-2007, 05:38 PM
It was flippin cold… [smiley=cold.gif]
I was flying solo today, got on the water at 7:00, surface temp 37…Don’t know what the air temp was, the water from my boots froze on the floor. I was starting to wish I went to Amador. *:D
Got one hit after about 20 minutes, and I was thinking maybe it wouldn’t be too bad of a day. Another 15 or 20 goes by, and 1st LDR.
Finally just before 8:00 I got bit on a white grub with a power egg, a set-up that was on one of the rods from the last Amador trip, that was juiced up with some pro cure trophy trout gel. Landed a nice healthy 12” bow.
Picked up another bow about 45 min later, this one a little bigger *@ 14” .
Things were pretty slow for a while, a couple of hits, another couple LDR’s.
I finally picked up a nice looking 15” brown on a black and gold Rapala at about 9:45, and that wound up being the last fish of the day.
I had the lake to myself until just after 9:30, a couple of bankies showed up, and around 10:30 or so another boat showed up. Off the water at 1:30.
All in all a good day, I was suspecting it might be a slow day, at least I didn’t get skunked.
One thing I was not so surprised to see, the back end of the lake by the inlet was iced up for about the last 200 yards or so
. *[smiley=cold.gif] [smiley=cold.gif]
It did wind up warming up a little, I even got to take off my heavy jacket for almost 20 min… *;D
There was a slight breeze *for most of the early morning, and then it calmed down real nice.
Sure beats working… *:)