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10-23-2006, 03:45 PM
I have been trying to post this since yesterday my computer at work is all messed up sorry its late

Hi Guyís,
Fishing Buddy and I went out to Pyramid on Saturday we were going to hook up with Rugman and his brother in law. *On the way out there I called Brian he was on the water at 6:30 AM something Fishing Buddy would never do unless it was for hunting. >:(

When I called Brian on the phone I asked him how it was going he said he was killing them but the wind was bad and there were white caps. *I said yeah right I had check the weather at 6:00 AM said up to 10 mile winds and sunny.

Brian Iím sorry you were right when FB and I got to the dock all I could say was [smiley=yikes.gif] holy crap Iím not going out in that again. It was just like last years opening day the waves were going over the dock.

There was a small boat and I mean smaller than mine and three guys were trying to get control of it lets just say the owner was so mad he broke his pole and threw it in the water. *What a complete moron I thought and believe me I wasnít the only one thinking that.

Iím not for sure if those guys monitor the sniffer board but if you are all I want to know is why didnít you just walk it to the beach area you had waders on? Then when you guys put the trailer in the water why didnít you back down deep enough? [smiley=duh.gif]
*[smiley=cheerleader.gif]I guess Iím no longer the virgin on the dock area. *There was another small boat that tipped over before the water and FB and a few others ran to help them out.

There were a lot of us guys and gals that go out to Pyramid all the time that were just waiting it out I think we have all been there done that. I did noticed people going out that had kids in the boats with out life jackets on that really pisses me off when I see that and I have no problem letting them know. >:(

John and I waited till almost noon before we went out and Iím glad we waited it was a little ruff in the water for about 1hr and then it was beautiful we stayed out till 3Pm FB had a football game he wanted to watch.

I caught 5 all on the black and purple Stingking 2 really big ones almost 24 and fat, 1 20 1 19 and 1 that was only about 14 inches if that. *I noticed the big ones that I caught we were going over some bait balls in 132 ft of water I was down 30 ft but we didnít mark them on the fish finder. :-?

FB caught a really nice one around 22 and a few LDRís. *I had a chance to talk with PHM (Mark) for a few minutes and herd Desertdog but his radio was all muffled.

I just talked to Rugman (Brian) and he said he went to Frenchmanís this morning limited out and was killing them again at Pyramid he caught 2 that were almost 24 all on flat fish

Here are a few pictures

10-23-2006, 05:05 PM
chick thanks for the report boat ramp can be a laugh fest sometimes :)but as you know wind can be calm in reno and when you get to the ramp there are waves going over the docks. looking at your pictures they must be new to loading when its rough I leave my trailer furher out of he water than when its flat but thats overkill :-? Ive loaded my boat there in much worse conditions and never went into the water to load my boat ::)

10-23-2006, 05:33 PM
Chick for as long as i've been on the boards & I know how long you've had your boat. You've come along way & learned alot. Smarter is a good thing. Glad you relaxed & watched the show instead of being the show. ;) Stay safe. :)

10-24-2006, 07:18 AM
Hello Chick I just found this. I'm glad you have respect for the water and have the patients to wait out the wind. I saw a person drown at Clear Lake when I was 10, and if every boater would have seen what I saw, they would have a greater respect for the water and life it's self. When I see people going 40 mph and the kids are in the bow of the boat hanging over the nose of the boat trying to touch the water splashing up, The knot in my stomach comes back. I'm sorry Chick I'm glad you were smart and safe and caught some nice trout too. Thank's for the report and the pictures. Kneedeep

10-24-2006, 07:39 AM
Thanks for report Chick, and by the way...it was great meeting you at the fest....that lake can scare me too...if I see any caps, I dont launch.....the kids without PFD's really upsets me....glad you still had a good day 8-)

10-24-2006, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the reply guys thatís the one thing about Pyramid you just never know so I always carry my casting pole with me block house is only 15 min away ;)
Captain Morgan Iím just waiting for your wife to kick you out of the boat so her and I can catch some fish together now that she has the taste for the cutts. ;D

10-24-2006, 05:01 PM
There were some Idiots out there, one small aluminum boat was 3/4 under water trying to launch ,motor allmost complety submurdged. Another one aluminum 12 ft. got in on the trailer but crooked ,full of water fell of the trailer half way, 6 of us lifted it back on. Pyramid Lake is to be RESPECTED when the wind is blowing 10 MPH. or water coming over the dock. Fishing was good I caught mine on a fire tiger lyman and a couple of hits on a green and yellow one :) Trolled in deeper water 100ft, down 30ft 2.4 mph from the dock to spider pt. P.S. missed everybody at the Fest was out Hunting ,Got a Cow ELK ;D

10-24-2006, 07:48 PM

Thanks for the great story of all the highs & lows of being
out at Pyramid again .!!

Loved the pic of the guy w/o a plug in..........(his head) ;D ;D

Looks like the fishing is still great if you can get on the water.

Hope to get out there this Friday with 76, since the Mc bite is slow.

Rather have 15 fish , than 1 or 2 little Mc's anytime, since I release the
Mc 99% of the time.

PS, I release 99% of the Cutt's also..............unless they are messed up or tagged. Tagged fish can go 50/50 depending on how I rate them.