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10-19-2006, 05:29 PM
* :)For what its worth I thought I would share todays fishing adventure at Lake Mc Clure (10/18/06) ::). *John and I arrieved at Mc Clure Point approiximately at 9 am and right away I had that feeling we were at the wrong lake due to so few boat trailers and no boats in sight toward the damn area :-/. *Information recieved prior to launching was the salmon were 80 to 90 feet and the trout were 40 to 50 feet up by Barretts. *Launching and then heading halfway up to Barretts I dropped apexes and various needle fish that had worked on previous adventures and fished from 110 feet to the surface with not one strike. *We even made the turn up river toward Horseshoe Bend and nothing for 1/2 mile. *Moved out in front of Horeshoe bend and the river channel then fished along the east bank towards Horseshoe Ramp still nothing. *Next move, back down to and across from Barretts along the east bank fished that stretch all the way south of the island mixing it up, so desperate even resorted to trying blades, wedding rings and night crawlers still nothing :-/. *
Fianlly at 4 pm I called it a great day of soaking up sun rays, after all the trancharas(spiders) were in mass migration so foggy cold days must be right around the cornor. *May be then in the fog I can go stealth and sneak up on a fish lol. *Till then enjoy all *;D.

twoelk48 (Kent Mc VEy)