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10-15-2006, 04:32 PM
any results from the derby? hot spots and hot lures.come on guys start braggin. :D

10-16-2006, 09:00 AM
I was there on a houseboat from the 12th-15th. Threw everything at them, it was VERY slow. Saw lots of topwater activity, but they were just tight lipped for us. The last 3 years we've hammered them this time of year. Not sure what is was...the moon? the fact that they were totally gorged on shad...I don't know :-/

10-16-2006, 03:55 PM
I only weighed in one fish the 1st day, caught bass, caught salmon, caught more bass, caught more salmon.

Had a nice dinner and met a few folks.

Caught six trout on Sunday but did not go to the weigh in. Without a 3# fish to make up for the 1st day it just wasn't worth the drive to Lakehead. I would have ended up about 5#'s for the tourney and that wasn't gonna win anything so we called it a day and headed home.

Overall it was fun. I wish I had fished shallower the first day so I could have targeted trout better than I did.

Live and learn!


10-16-2006, 07:27 PM
Listed Below are the results for the Shasta Lake Fall Trout Derby last weekend.
I would like to thank all of the anglers who came to the derby and spent the weekend in Lakehead. We had alot of fun starting with the siminar with Gary Morallis on Friday night , the dinner on Saturday and ending with the weigh in on Sunday.
We had 226 entries for the derby.
Note: for the people who were concerded about over fishing the Browns during the derby. There were a total of 2 Browns weighed in all weekend.
I hope to see everyone at the spring derby and again in the fall.

Harold Jones,
Shasta Lake Fall Trout Derby

Shasta Lake Fall Trout Derby Results 2006

PLACE First Last City State Weight
1 John Howard Novato Ca. 10.59
2 Sambo Lage Concord Ca. 10.46
3 Randy Doyle Redding Ca. 9.42
4 Melissa Lenard Redding Ca. 8.52
5 Rick Pietrewich Santa Rosa Ca. 8.33
6 Mitch Bicandi San Jose Ca. 7.55
7 Robert Davies Lakehead Ca. 7.29
8 Robert Carrell Redding Ca. 7.06
9 Robert Jackson Yreka Ca. 6.94
10 Ed Cavellero Redding Ca. 6.94
11 Sue Brown San Andreas Ca. 6.91
12 Al Millan Daly City Ca. 6.9
13 Jack Schultz Pleasanton Ca. 6.78
14 Mike Roy Sacramento Ca. 6.63
15 Howard Darney Cold springs Nv. 6.55
16 Paul Kneeland Colfax Ca. 6.5
17 Elwood Mellow111 Livermore Ca. 6.33
18 Ray Link Hayward Ca. 6.22
19 Nathaniel Fisher Martinez Ca. 6.05
20 Al Carson Paradise Ca. 5.88
21 Gary Edminster Sumerset Ca. 5.85
22 Matt Parr Dayton Nv. 5.7
23 Dan Caroza Yuba City Ca. 5.7
24 Steve Rahn Penn Valley Ca. 5.55
25 Sandy Drake Lakehead Ca. 5.41

10-16-2006, 09:48 PM
...I wish I had fished shallower the first day so I could have targeted trout better than I did.
Live and learn!

I fished Saturday, the first day. *I toplined both rods early on and later went a little deeper with one rod. *I boated only one Trout. *I later hooked into a very large fish. *I had about 250 feet for set back and when he hit, the clicker sounded for 10 or fifteen seconds before I stopped him. *He jumped and was quite a site even at 100 feet+. *It may have been a Salmon but he came loose shortly after he jumped.

My point is that like you, most folks had it fairly slow Saturday...

And Harold, thanks for the report--I hadn't seen it elsewhere.

I too enjoyed Gary's presentation. It's too bad we can't do something about the noise. I realize that not everybody is at the bar for the Derby but much of his information is lost on us folks that have hearing problems.

However, the B******* double hamburger erased much of the pain of not hearing everything Gary Miralles said.

By the way, Harold, I'm a local. Give me a wave if you see BUDMAN, on the bow. It's looking like the wind should settle down a bit Friday...

10-17-2006, 05:05 AM
My out drive went ca put, last time out. So I wasent able to fish the derby this year.
Not able to stay away compleatly, I stoped by the B******* Sunday afternoon just before weigh in.
Breefly i talk to Gary and checked out his New Duckworth . Nice and it to will be for sale soon too. I got to find out what that step program about. New boat every year! Oh Ya, that be hard to take LOL
Anyway Before I left The parking lot was fill and the street's were lined up with Trucks & boats, with people hurring with bags & ice chests of fish to make the weigh in. Looked like there were quite a few people who did well sunday.
Well you can Bet I'll be there next Spring.
Hope to see yall then

Hey plattj1 , The Spring derby is Trout and Salmon.
Whohoo, we;ll all be at weigh in. Ha Ha

See you on the Water

Bass are like Trash fish, There everyware and they sure do make the flowers grow.

10-17-2006, 08:48 AM
It was very slow fishing for everyone. It was a afternoon bite for use and the best lure was a blue/ silver needle fish and blue/ silver humdinger otw at 20 ft and back 150 to 200 ft. We caught fish fish in Elmore creek and Packers bay and that was the two best spots.