View Full Version : Shasta Lake Trout Derby 10-14, 10-15-06

10-17-2006, 08:26 AM
Arrived on Thursday to pre fish Thursday and Friday for the derby. We launched at Antlers and fished the gooseneck on down to the main lake for 3 fish from 15 inches to 1.10 lbs in 10 hrs. On Friday we fished Elmore creek, Packers Bay, the I- 5 Bridge, and parts of the Mc Cloud arm for 10 hrs for 3 fish from 15 inches to 2.8 lbs. On Saterday derby day we fished Elmore bay, No name Island, Packers bay, the bridge for 4 fish 13 inches to 3.1 lbs and also ran into Rod Bender and Fishermann. It was nice to see you guy's again and hope you guys had good luck. *:) On Sunday we fished the upper Sac arm, bottom end of the goose neck, Elmore creek, Packers bay, Bridge, and the mouth of the Mc cloud for 5 fish 13 inches to 2.8 lbs. All four days we tryed every lure we had and many different dodger combos for very slow fishing. We really had to work for them and many many people complaining on the radio about the slow fishing. The bite for us was in the afternoon about the time on derby days to head for the weigh in. The best lures and only two they would hit was a blue/ silver needle fish and blue/ silver Humdinger naked covered in pro cure thread fin shad gell at 20 ft deep. On Sunday after the weigh in MR P got I think was 18 place and a check for $250. *:)