View Full Version : CLEAR LAKE/BLUE LAKES 10/15

10-16-2006, 08:29 AM
Went to Clear Lake on saturday night and stayed next to Blue lakes just south of clear lake. Beautiful scenery, first taste of very cold weather since summer's end. Fished first thing sunday morning, (bank fished), about 7. and hooked up nearly an hour later, tried everything from spinners to worms with only 3 choices of colors :-/ so my last choice was a light orange worm with rattle, texas rigged, and bam nice 13" rainbow, all on my worm. There were plenty of people all around the banks, we were first to dip our poles and first to get fish on! I held it up for everyone to see, like a good fisherman! 8-) Got thumbs up! and I knew it was a good day! *:)