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10-15-2006, 05:43 PM
Sometimes I really look forward to making a report, and today is one of those!! [smiley=yahoo.gif] [smiley=yahoo.gif]
Got on the water at 7:30, surface temp was 53. Very little wind almost all day, the water up until about 11:15-11:30 was like glass most of the time.
1st fish in the net at 7:35. CB wild thing and Seps sidekick with either a grub or 1/2 crawler did the trick all day, tried several differant color grubs, and they all worked, they were hitting on just about anything I put out.
Fished all day no deeper than 7-9 ft, or on top.
One time after landing a fish, there was almost no worm left, mostly all hook showing, and I threw it back out anyway, got the rod in the holder and BAM, another take down... ;D
I could not even think about having a cup of coffee or a sandwich until almost 11:00, it really was non stop action!
Today was truly one of the best days of fishing I have had all year, could not wipe the grin off my face!
BTW, I used a bigger hook today and fished barbless almost all day for the 1st time, and still only had a few SDR, and 2 ultra-SDR's, only had to keep 1. Thanks Oxbow for the tip!
I honestly don't know how many I caught, but lets just say it was a good day!! :) :)
Still can't stop grinning... Can't wait to go back!


10-15-2006, 06:47 PM
u can always count on Loon to be hot in Oct. *;) i was at stampede only got 2 bows and 1 mack and saw the remains of a boat that got toasted on the ramp getting soaked by the rangers

10-16-2006, 06:34 AM
u can always count on Loon to be hot in Oct. *;)
Yup!...it makes me feel like I know how to fish! ;D