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08-17-2006, 09:18 PM
I got a wild hair going today, and took off work a couple of hours early, called one of my buddies who is able to go most anytime, and went up to Stumpy for the afternoon and fish to dark.
I went up with the mind set that a couple of decent planters and I would be happy, I just needed to get out and get away from work, it has been crazy this week.
MAN, was I disapointed, I had to work again. ;D
We did not get a 2nd line in the water, and the bite was on.
Watermelon sidekick, 1/2 a crawler, and some corn scent @ 20 feet.
I could not even have a sandwich, we had so much fun, we were laughing and marveling at our good fortune.
We had 3 doubles, most were recent planters, 2 were browns, and 6 or 7 decent size fish. All were C&R. One of the browns came on a silver and blue kastmaster, that I threw near the shore during a lull in the action, and as I was reeling in, the downrigger popped, double
# 2. ;D ;D
Water temp was probably, to my best guess about 68, and I could still see the downrigger clip at 16-20 feet, depending on the area.
The weather was great, there was hardly anyone out, and some of the bank fisher folk were doing well too.
Well, time to hit the hay, Gots to go to work tomorrow...
[smiley=angry.gif] [smiley=angry.gif]


BTW, as we were pulling out *of the water we heard that the lake was planted 2 days ago...

08-18-2006, 09:12 AM
Thanks for the report. I was hoping to get up there by Tuesday. Hopefully the bite will still be hot. :)