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07-11-2006, 06:55 PM
hey there fellow sniffers,
i'm usually on the sturgeon board, however, i was up at almanor over the 4th. had a really great time!
our neighbors in the camp next to us really helped to make it a special trip. FireTrout and his family were our neighbors. the are top notch in my book. FireTrout gave us some fishing tips and put my girlfriend onto her first trout, a beautiful 19'' rainbow! if i had more time i would post a pic. work is brutal right now.
kathy wants to know how the frog is doing?

07-11-2006, 08:17 PM
Hi Rich and Kathy,

Well first off, the frog was the big hit of my daughters' trip. *It was still alive and she gave it to some *neighbor girls to look after it. *She said to pass it on when they leave or set it free back to its home. *Thanks for helping catch it for her. ;)

As for the fishing. *I had a total of 2 days that were skunk for me out of 9 days fishing. * It was on the slow side. *I had my best days when I had the kids in the boat. :D *One evening my daughter and I got the 21 inch , 19 inch trout and 3 bass north of Bailey Creek area. *Another evening my son and I did well catching 4 trout in the 2 pounder range *trolling naked nightcrawlers.

Also had a great morning out at the Rec. 2 area starting at 10am til 12 noon trolling nightcrawlers down 40 ft. at 1.5 mph. No flashers just *1/2 mini nightcrawlers. *The kids each brought 2 in and what great fighting fish. *Some were the Eagle lake strain of trout.

Trolled Speedy shinners on the West side but that was slow picking up 3 on my best morning.

At Rocky Point, The PGE campground lots of boats were there using crickets and meal worms at times doing well, morning hours best.

I was glad to have a VHF radio. *I spoke to Brian ( Big Daddy's Guide Service) on the water. *Her was very informative *giving up information. *Check out his web site.

Also talked to Fisherman (Ken). *It was great to have a fish sniffer all week to check in with on the lake. *There were a few other sniffers I for got the names that was great to chat with at Almanor.

RR and I were camp neighbors at the North Shore Camp *in Chester. *A very nice campground privately run and has nice bathrooms , showers, general store and is only 2 miles from town if your run short.

Sorry not many pictures of fish taken this trip as we did mostly catch and release. *Had a great *time and wish I could still be there fishing. :-/

07-13-2006, 07:27 PM
don't we all!