View Full Version : French Meadows 6/12

06-14-2006, 10:53 AM
My son-in-law and I fished French Meadows on Monday. One other boat on the lake when we got there, but he went in as the lake started getting rough about 9:30-10 (a little earlier than usual) :( :(. It was cold, cloudy, windy, and rough. After getting beat up on the lower lake for awhile without even a hit, we went up to the inlet where it's somewhat protected and trolled the river channel out of the mouth. We got at least a hit every pass out of there. I got 4 holdover rainbows 12"-14", broke off one, and lost one at the boat (fighting the wind). Son-in-law got a 14" brown and lots of hits. Gold blades trailing a crawler or crawler/PB seemed to work best for us. Lots of short strikes and most that got to the boat fell off the hook in the net. Lake is full and spilling, very clear, and just a little debris floating around.

Campgrounds are up to $16. This with water at every 6-8 sites, no power or dump station and 3 bathrooms or privies for 40 or so sites. I've had full hookups lately for only a few bucks more. Seems like a lot of money to use public facilities built with public funds, but I guess that this is another way for the government to separate us from our money. If us old f--ts didn't get the Golden Age Passport, I'd think twice about going.

06-14-2006, 03:02 PM
Yep I remember when Talbot and the one by the river were free.......... stumpy used to be 8.00 on boat ramp.......... Ice house has been 18.00 a night for 3 years now.That gets you mostly a 2 vehicle site. Fire Pit. Bench Table. BBQ. Walk to pit toilets and water spickets evry 4 -5 sites. They frown on filling your RV with that water. I figure if Im there a duration of time I fill er up. Doesnt take that long to fill.........Boat ramp is free...You can leave your boat in the water overnight......................I will be there starting Monday for about 10 *nights. 180.00 Gas to lake round trip 130.00. Boat gas 25.00.....Groceries 275.00.......Spending 10 days at Ice House with my 2 sons * PRICELESS......................................... .....