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05-12-2006, 08:37 PM
Fished Collins today with GW Extreme. *We got on the water about 6:30 am and headed towards the dam. *We trolled grubs and worms behind dodgers and flashers. * We got one fish in front of the dam, made a couple more passes and didn't get any more fish so we headed towards the mouth of the river. *

Lots of boats back near the power lines. * We trolled into and out of the river arm and had one bass to show for it. * We marked lots of fish but no takers. *We saw one or two boats hook up but no one having much success.

We ended up trolling the buoy line in front of the beach / boat launch and landed 4 fish within about an hour. *3 of those fish came on lead core (2 colors) with night crawlers behind a dodger and one came on a fire tiger rapala. *

We tried fast trolling rapalas with little success. * *We tried the down rigger at about 10 feet with no success. *The water was calm and the temperature hot. *The water temperature was between 73-75 degrees most of the afternoon. *

We ended the day with 5 trout and 1 bass. *One trout was just over 3 pounds, one just under two pounds and the rest typical planters. *

P.S. Camp grounds were full. Lots of boats and a couple of them tubing.

05-13-2006, 07:38 AM
Thanks for the report Hitdog. I live close to collins, but I never have any luck there. I haven't figured it out yet.Atleast you caught fish. ;)