View Full Version : Beardsley access?

04-23-2006, 05:54 AM
I was heading up the hill yesterday to melones,and I sure would have liked to head to beardsly but I have'nt heard if the road had been cleared yet , does any one have an updated report ?

04-23-2006, 07:55 AM
called the stanislaus natoinal forest ranger station on thursday at about noon said , that he had opened the gate 37 minutes ago.

04-23-2006, 08:16 AM
Is it Mr. fishneck Heavy on the Mr.? How was the fishing or better yet the catching at Melones. Where do you usually fish and what method do you have the most succes with? Just thought I'd ask.I have been putting off trips there due to rising water levels and other reasons that are asssociated with rising levels. Thanks . iron-man

04-23-2006, 04:12 PM
No its just plain ol fishneck, I'm pretty casuel fish guts and crawler juice *with a cold beer; any way not too much action at melones just a hand full of blue gill .lots of bass jumping right in front of me ,I was just holding out for that one trout to have for dinner .although the rain had just stopped and the fog was hanging in the tops of the hills and the ducks were making ther way by and just cool enough to were a flanel and power nap so it was all good !!!
And yes beardsley is the spot for me I usually put my hours in there for my fill of browns, mostley I just thread on a crawler and float it off the bottom at the *start *of the camp grounds. There is some pretty deep banks there and as we all know if you have the patience *good thing will happen! Even if they dont you can always throw on a power bait cocktail and do catch and release for a while, planters are always hungry there which is great for the kids ,keeps them from throwing rocks *or wanting to go get an ice cream. which sometimes isn,t so bad either!

04-23-2006, 04:13 PM
Hey bigdogscooby thanks for the update !!!! I know whats up for next week!
thanks fishneck