View Full Version : Del Valle - 4-22

04-22-2006, 07:05 PM
Well, hit DV this morning for about 3 hours of trolling, started out in the South end trolling orange/gold rapalas and picked up a 14" trout at the river mouth and released it, trolled for about another 10 minutes and decided to head to Swallow bay and see if i could muster up a King or a hold over trout, trolled all over with all sorts of gear for nothing. Decided to troll back to the ramp along the East side and didnt mark a whole bunch of fish at all. Oh well, i didnt get skunked atleast.

I did hear that Heron bay was doing real well from another troller that was heading in, i knew i shoulda went back there today!!! Oh well, havnt fished Swallow bay for a long time.

Goodluck to all!!!!..............Jason