View Full Version : Cherry Report 12/17

12-21-2005, 11:05 AM
Well, I went to Cherry on Sat. Lines were in at 9:15 am down by were the creek comes into the lake. I basically trolled most of lake from the west shore, the dam and again the west shore until the snow started falling around 4 pm.

Over the coarse of the day, I managed 7 or 8 hits with only one 15 incher in the boat(released). Overall the day was disapointing, but not unexpected. The fish was caught on a custom spinner behind a dodger. Most of the other hits came on a minnow behind dodger. Lots of mouthing but not firm take downs. Lake temp was warmer than I expected at 50.8 degress with very little difference across the entire surface of the lake.

Things that made the trip: 1) Seeing a huge 10 point buck walking across the road on the way in. 2) Seeing a bald eagle pick up what I thought was small trout off the surface by the dam. After closer inpection, the small trout were actually small dark Kokes.

Question for Doc or anyone else? After seeing 5 and 6 inch dark kokes floating around the lake, I came to the conclusion that the food propects for these kokes is poor hence the small size or could it be over populated with them? Also I only marked a few large fish on the finder (hugging the bottom in 60-80 foot of water) and was wonder if the food chain is in dire straights. Anythoughts? I love the lake and see potential but Cherry doesn't seem to deliver. Is it possible that all the fish were on the surface and thats why I did not mark many?

I guess I will go back to DP or NM next week.


12-21-2005, 02:46 PM
I would say the fish are on the surface ( first 12 feet) and your not marking them on your FF.
The Kokes are most probably in their 1st or 2nd year.