View Full Version : Dillon Beach July 4th trip

07-06-2008, 06:40 PM
Went out to dillon beach for the 4th with the old lady and my parents. My mother is not a fan of Dillon so i was glad i could talk her into comeing along lol. Did some crabbin with my father and girlfriend on friday around 9am and we all bagged our limits on rock crab. Were out on the water for about 5 hours.
Tried to do some shark fishing on saturday but had trouble with the carb on my motor so the boat was loaded up for the rest of the weekend. I did hear from a kid that his father and friends had caught 12 lepoard sharks earlyer that day. Got tired of working on the motor so hit the dock with my girlfriend to go catch some shiners just for fun when we started to hook up to tons of smelt. Only cault about 5 shiners but we hooked into about 50 smelt. All were released.
There were tons of clammers out this weekend as well. Tides were very good to them if the got out early enough. Talked to a few people and the were getting 30-40 in what time they had before the tide came back in.

Was a good trip as usual. Dillon is my favorite ocean spot, despite loseing all my rods and reels on my trip last month. Ill probably be back again next month as well :D.