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10-24-2005, 12:20 AM
After reading Weez's Fish Sniffer online article on fishing BIG lures for BIG fish I was stoked at a chance to score my first trophy Brown. I started towing a deep diving mondo minnow imitator about half the size of my 12' kayak. Realizing it might take awhile for my dream hookup I took advantage of my new two rod stamp and rigged another rod. This one with a small Sep's dodger and threaded mini-crawler.

I'd hardly finished counting off fifty 2' pulls when I realized another problem ... I had a fish on one side of my yak with a gargantuan tri-treble grappling hazard streaming off the other! Solution was maintaining power to the motor while cranking in my monster lure. It worked and I landing my first rainbow.

After that exasperating experience I came to my senses and stowed the mondo minnow and rod. The trophy photo op would have to wait while I "meat" fished for frypan and freezer. Took five hours and loss of a couple good ones at he net, but I did limit. None big ... 12 to 14 inch planters with a mix of red and white flesh.(Whatever that indicates?)

Speaking of color I found some scenic shoreline trees to shoot and also found a whole lot of extra shore exposed. Water level is down close to ten feet, I'd guess, from the first trip this summer.

I trolled a wide circle around what's left of the lake and fish were surfacing everywhere. The Humminbird showed big ones holding on the bottom in deeper spots. But all my hookups came close to Kay's in 15' to 20'

After stashing the catch in the cooler and eating lunch I went back out to search for a spot for more scenic photography. Here's another I hope you enjoy.

Weez, thanks for the good advice on counting line length and depth and threading crawlers. Also, I sure enjoy your writing for Fish Sniffer. Next year I hope to enlist and enjoy some of your quality guide time chasing BIG browns with chrome car bumpers or whatever's the latest hot "ticket!"

10-24-2005, 03:59 AM
we were there also on sunday,caught a few small one's and one that was probably 2# We saw weez out there and noitced he was keeping a few fish so we handed off the bigger fish to him.all in all a good day caught a few fish and weather was perfect. ;D ;D