View Full Version : Bridgeport report

10-06-2005, 06:26 PM
Fished Sat. and Sunday last week. Classic should have been here yesterday. Heard most got limits and the weather was great. Not so over the weekend as the wind blew very hard. Forecast said 20-40mph. All I know is there were 3ft wind waves on the lake when we got off.

We ended up with 3 fish for the weekend and lost a couple. Most of the action happened on Sun. before the wind kicked up again. Fished in Buckeye Bay in about 5' using a crawler under a bobber with about a 4' leader. Caught 2 and lost one all within about 10 minutes. Didn't even get a nibble on the p.b. Lost one trolling downhill in the wind. It was blowing so hard we were doing 2.5mph w/out the engine! Some guys did real well right out front of the marina on Friday. Didn't see much happen there when we fished on Sat. but metered a lot of fish.