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Rod Bender
09-03-2005, 04:47 AM
Took Matt Hall and Ken Munn to Berryessa for late season kokanee fishing on Friday. Had the downriggers set at 92' with four rods. First fish on natural RGT behind 3.0 Seps chrome dodger at 6:45am in center field. Marked large schools of kokanee in the dam area and the bite was steady untill 11am. We put 8 kokes in the box to 18". Ran into Dennis, and he had 7 kokanne in his boat. About half our fish were caught on pink hoochies and chrome dodgers. When the bite is over at Berryessa its over. That happened at 11am and we couldn't ever mark a fish. Where do they go? About ten boats in the dam area in the morning and by 10:30am we were the only ones left. IVR on Monday, need to see if Rich has caught all the kokes.

Matt Hall with our top 5 kokanee

Nice setup Dennis

09-03-2005, 06:34 AM
This might have been better on the Kokonee board but a good report just the same. ;D your picture of the Kok's tells us a lot, seems most are changing as we speak ;D I just checked the Kok board and it's there too 8) good job