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08-15-2005, 06:36 AM
Got to Loon Lake on Friday mid morning,campground almost full, set up camp( $18 a night)got on the lake around noon time. Had my 15 year old nephew with me,first fishing and
camping trip. He looked a little off when I opened the new
BEAR locker and said our food goes in hear. Got on the lake mid day and trolled down the shore line draging worms
with sep's small flashers. It was fun to see the look on his face when I cut a worm in half,then ran a small rod
into the worm and out the other side, then threaded it on the hook. Bam his rod gets a hit, then pulls down, fish on. I am telling him what to do and soon the fish is in the boat. He is all smiles till its time to pick up the
fish for a photo. Yes you can pick it up, its ok. He picks
it up with one hand and holds it for the photo, click. What a time, told him thats for dinner, funny look again.
The rest of day picked only one more fish. Saturday went out again,whats this, at the ramp and new dock its kayak
fever. Little yellow kayaks all over, what a zoo. Picked up four fish trolling down the shore line again. Sunday fished early
down at the end of the camp area. Bam,could do no wrong.
Seven fish from that area and one was a awesom 15 inch BROWN TROUT. What a trip, what a lake.


P.S. no bears seen

08-15-2005, 08:29 AM
Sounds like you had a great time but your pic isn't coming up.

08-15-2005, 08:09 PM
R.C. Sting and i took the trip up to loon on 8-14. We also had a great time on the water. The fish were hitting everything we thru at them. I used a bright day-glow green spinner from C.B. Tackle behind a watermelon dodger excluseively, RC STING tried a lot of different spinners, but kept coming back to the green spinner. WE fished from 15' down to 35', depending on the depth of the lake. (insert the word ROCKS here) we ended up catching and releasing 15 trout between us, with other tip ups. The day started out calm,,got a little bit windy, then got calm again. The water temp was 70 degrees, and our speed was 1.4 mph. we tried to get off the water at 11:30, but the kayaks and the truck they were transported in took up the whole side of the ramp next to that new boat dock. we had to wait approx 40 minutes to get the boat trailerd. we had a chance to chat with a fellow sniffer on channel 69. didnt get his name tho. he said he started out slow, but got better as he tried differnt lures at deeper depths. i think we caught more fish at depths greater than 20 ft.

thank you RC STING for taking me out.