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08-08-2005, 12:45 PM
Hi everyone. I'm going back to Nor-Cal for Thanksgiving to see the folks and more importanly go fishing!! We're going to pyramid lake and eagle lake. I've fished pyramid that time of year a few times and love it.

Any advise for Eagle lake? Some good camp spots? From what I can see, people seem to recomend fishing a night crawler suspened from a bobber but I usually use that technique as a last resort. Does chucking spinners and spoons produce fish? A good time or day or side of the lake work better? Anything to watch for? Any insights would be apreciated!

08-08-2005, 01:00 PM
Hi Wise-man
I never did real well from shore throwing spinners. Floating worms off the bottom seemed to work best from shore. There is a technique to it. But also jigs work well when there is a chop going on. Many of the local sporting stores sell what works up there. Fly fishing is good too. I have a boat now and fish off it when I go up there. Should really start to pick up after Thanksgiving. Fish off the jedi or between Eagle's Nest and Ronald McDonald camp. The north end starts to freeze up as it is shallower. And you can still access from Hwy 36 at Thanksgiving most of the time. The fish start moving to deeper water as things freeze up. Some people do like the north end but I can't tell you a lot about where to go up there that time of year.

As far as the campgrounds, most of them close by Thanksgiving. But I think you can still stay in some of them. Might call the Eagle Lake Ranger District on the Lassen NF for more information. Also check road conditions before heading up. You never know that time of year.

08-08-2005, 03:11 PM

November is the best time of the year to fish Eagle Lake and everytime I've gone that time of the year I've limited out. However, it can get very cold that time of year so make sure you have the right clothing! ;)

The best fishing that time of the year is in the shallows trolling in 8' to 10' of water. Normally I'm trolling either a Jair Fair Fly, a grub with a action fin in front of it, a Uncle Larry's spinner with half a night crawler, a sockeye slammer with half a night crawler, a needlefish, rapala or a whole nightcrawler. In the shallows I'm going without any dodgers but in the deeper areas around Youth Camp I'll put on some dodgers.

The Half Moon Bay through the Spaulding tract area to Youth Camp is a prime trolling area and from Youth Camp to Troxel Point is another. Also check out the Troxel Bay area. Anywhere there are tules are good spots as that's where the fish are hanging out feeding on minnows.

As for shore fishing that time of year I would go to Youth Camp. I have a relative that fishes from shore there every fall and just kills them.

Fishslayer is right about camping as they will be closed but I'm not sure if the gates to the campgrounds are closed. For sure all the water and restrooms will be shutoff and closed.

The weather that time of the year is pretty cold so unless you have a warm camper I would either rent a room from the Lake View Inn or rent a cabin. Rentals are limited because owners start winterizing their homes and don't offer them for rental. If your interested in a rental call Dave at Heritage Land (530) 825-2131.

Check out the website www.eaglelakefishing.info for lots of great info on fishing at Eagle Lake.

I'm going up for 5 days over the Labor Day weekend so I'll be sending out thread on how I did. :D