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07-20-2005, 09:50 AM
Has anyone visited Los Vaqueros Reservoir recently? I may try to hit the lake this weekend to give trolling another shot. With the hot summer weather, I wonder if the fishing will still be decent. I don't have a portable downrigger, but can get down to 20' with lures and planer options. I will likely try the areas in front of the Marina boom and on the eastern shoreline. Hope the wind does not blow like crazy. Reports, anyone? Thanks.

07-20-2005, 10:53 AM
The best I can do you is;
google norcalfishing
This has weekly updates from the marina.
It's been real hot (I work in Livermore) for the past two weeks but I hear mornings they are still catching a few, trolling and banking. It sounds like the best bet is anchor and baitfish near the deeper points.

07-20-2005, 11:12 AM
Los Vaqueros is biting like crazy RIGHT NOW!. I thought that you have to go after a couple days when they plant trout, but that is not the case. Me and my 3 other cousin went to LV last Thursday and cuaght 20 trout in South Cove. Using rainbow powerbait, spring green, sherbet, and charchuse. Trout bite on any of the bait that we threw in. And also, we went this past Monday on the 18th and caught 35 trout. 7 man limit for the seven of us. Using rainbow, spring green, and charchuse. Fish from 6 am to 12 noon only. Plan to go again on Monday before going back to school. Fishing on weekday is WAY better than fishing on weekend, no combat fishing. Good luck.

07-20-2005, 11:15 PM
Los Vaqueros Fishing Report - July 18, 2005

GENERAL CONDITIONS: General lake conditions have not changed much from last week. Water levels are still at capacity and the water temperature is holding steady at 68 degrees. This is slightly warmer than trout thrive in but this is only the surface temp. The temperature drops dramatically as you go deeper. Keep that in mind when casting, choosing a trolling depth, etc.

Updated conditions for Los Vaqueros, including wind and temperature, are available by visiting, http://www.ccwater.com/losvaqueros/conditions.asp. You can also sign up for Los Vaqueros specific newsletter from CCWD by
visiting http://www.ccwater.com/losvaqueros/lvemail.asp .

Important reminder: No private vessels are allowed in the watershed. Rowboats, kayaks and float tubes are prohibited, no pets are allowed in the watershed. Also, no smoking is permitted on the watershed shoreline; there is one designated smoking area directly behind marina, thank you. Please participate in our creel census by telling us that you caught a fish at the marina or note it on your permit.

HOURS: Marina is open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. All rental boats must be back at the marina by 6:00 p.m. Watershed gates close at 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.

PLANTS: 1,200 lbs were planted on the 7th of July in the South Cove.

TROUT: Some of the best fishing advice you will ever get came from the Los Vaqueros marina staff this week, "If you aren't getting bites, move. Try a different spot or different bait. Something!" Anglers who are willing to give up on a dud and do something different have been taking limits or near limits. The fishing is good enough that you should at least be getting bites within the first hour. Powerbait followed by night crawlers are the two most popular baits. Shallow water and areas high in weeds remain the two biggest hazards right now.

Trolling just outside the boom, or, along the eastern shoreline are still great places to start. Lately, the eastern shoreline of the cove near the sunken oak trees has been producing fish. A lot of wind terminates here so when the water is high, there should be a good amount of food built up. As always, Seps, Needlefish, and Kastmasters with smaller flashers are your best bet.

BASS: The Rock Wall is quickly becoming a bass haven. Get them early on aggressive baits like Rapalas or Rat-L-Traps. The Rock Wall has a steady, relatively steep slope and is directly next to Oak Point, where a lot of the planted trout (food) end up.

WHOPPERS: Larry DeWallace of Livermore caught and released a 3.8 pound bass on a Rat-L-Trap near the Rock Wall.

Ricky and Joanne of Livermore caught a limit of trout in the S. Cove on sherbert Powerbait.

Congratulations to Susan Nune (Lake record holder!), Mel Vancil, and Norm Higashi who placed first, second, and third in the derby this year! Great job!


07-21-2005, 11:28 AM
I will be out Saturday am near the dam, see if the trout are in the deep water.

I was there two weeks ago at the marina. Too crowded for my taste Some were catching fish, others weren't. Seems most of the fish hit around 8-8:30. I picked up a nice king salmon on a Kastmaster and missed a couple of trout. Get your two pole stamp and then cast with lures and put a Powerbait line out. With some work you should be able to find a workable technique. Good luck.

07-23-2005, 12:08 PM
Just got back home from LV before it got real hot. I was fishing off the pier at the dam from about 6:30 am to 11. Picked up one decent trout on the ever faithful Panther Martin. It was a holdover as it had wildlike fins. ;D Had a nice one follow up and lost another. Lots of work for only one fish. Unless you are trolling deep or standing behind the stock truck, looks like things will be tough out there for the shore fisherman till this fall. Saw some small bass. Have'nt seen anything of size yet. :( A few big jumpers way out in the middle, behind the dam boom where no one can get them. Probably striped bass.

07-23-2005, 06:27 PM
I made it out to LV on Friday, 7/22/05, from 6:45am to 11:30am. I decided to take a day off from work to cool my fish'n fever. I had fun even though it was like being on a small ocean on Friday... Kind of wordy but read on. : )

I thought I was in trouble early on as it was rough going between 7am and 9am. The wind kicked up from the S/SE (blowing toward the dam), with some serious white cap waves and swells. At times, the rental boat pitched up and down by 45 degrees and put water in the boat and even spun 90 degrees left or right. Well, I got wet and it was all I can do just to keep the boat pointed straight!

However, when I managed to keep the boat level and straight by modulating the motor speed and sweeping the motor to counter the waves, it was fish after fish hitting the one rod with the green wedding ring I had in the water most of the time. It was too risky with two rods since I had to struggle with maneuvering the boat and did not want to risk tangled lines.

On the positive side, I did get my limit of trout/salmon. The first two trout in the boat and more than a dozen other hits (but no fish to show for it) came on green wedding ring/nightcrawler behind a sliver Sling Blade dodger down at approximately 10' depths. (I think I need to change out the hooks to sharper ones since most just shook off the hook set.) It was too rough for me to stop and change lures or poles, but I think the trout would have hit most spinner type lures. I tried rapalas a few time but did not even get a strike.

The third and fourth trout that I managed to catch hit the green wedding ring at 10' and a hot pink "Kokanee Killer" Apex lure I was playing around with down at around 15'. (Yeah, I decided to take a chance and put two lines out.) The wedding ring hooked one fish and while I picked up the rod, the other one goes screaming out with line. Double! I had to kill the motor and the second rod bounce around until I could bring in the first fish. All the while, I was getting blown toward shore so I had to hurry.

All the trout seemed to be more toward the middle of the lake, from 10' down to 20'. After another hour of only a few short strikes, I tried the pink APEX down deeper at 35-40' and a perch pattern rapala down at 15' on lead core line. At 11am, I finally landed my limit, a amall, feisty king salmon (I think - silver, forked tail, darkish tough/inside mouth) just north of the point of that big bay on the eastern shoreline on my way back from the dam.

It hit the APEX lure and somehow managed to wrap that around the rapala's hooks. I caught the salmon but what a mess of tangles to deal with! I saw the rod dip once on the rod with the Apex, but then my leadcore rod starts bouncing like crazy. I actually reeled in the lead core first to find the fish hooked on the APEX lure, plus one ball of line in the boat to go with. Oh well...

I called it day after that. I was worn out after the morning fishing trip to LV and had a lot of fun at it. I need to find a way to improve my landing rate. I guess that's why we call if "fishing". :)