View Full Version : Stampede 7/20/05

07-21-2005, 10:02 AM
Went to Stampede yesterday and got on the water at 12:00. Headed west out of the dock and trolled a worm behind a sidekick. No bites for about 2 hours. I then headed towards the two dams and got one small bow. I then headed up the creek past the second dam and didn't get anything. I got one more by the first dam on the way in. My buddy let the battery on the downrigger die down (and didn't tell me) so I top lined everything. I didn't see many fish on the finder either. Where are trout hiding at Stamp?

I tried rapalas and worms behind a dodger and that was it. Can someone give me a quick blurb about how to fish for Kokes? I know they are in there.

I am ready to go back to HH or The Stump.