View Full Version : Out Fished the Old Man Again

07-18-2005, 08:50 AM
After much thought and dread my dad and I went fishing on Saturday. It was blazzin HOT. I think I saw the devil with a fan and a glass of iced tea. :)

We headed up to Lake McSwain and talked with a guy that had been on the water since 6:30 a.m. he had caught his limit and said the fishing was good. We got on the water after the guy trailering his boat spent 20 minutes doing everything on the ramp and not pulling up and let other people launch.

The first two hours were real slow, one fish in the boat. My dad had hooked up on three but lost two before I got to net them. I had nothing in the boat and only one light hit but nothing to get excited about. The last hour was was a different story after changing out my lure I landed three nice fat trout should have been four but my dad could not find the net, funny though he was standing with it only two minutes before. I then caught one throwing at splashes on the water with a nightcrawler and split shot on a ultra light. Only a 13" fish but it was fun with the rig I had. My dad only got one more in the boat. Me 4 my dad 2, I do have to give him credit though he did lose five fish altogether.

He want to go out again he can't stand when I out fish him. ;D

07-18-2005, 06:55 PM
My son out fishes me about half the time. That way he doesnít rag about my rod trolling on the bank side and he is out in never never land. Plus he is all fired up the next time I want to go out. Itís funny how he canít get the net in time when I have two in the boat and he has none and a 2 pounder is thrashing around on my line. Sometimes I just drive the boat with my line in the water and he does the real fishing. When he wants to drive the boat, I stand on the bank. After all, he drives a fire engine. But I would rather fish with him than anyone else. ;D :D ;D