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03-19-2010, 07:52 AM
It has been a while since we’ve run a contest, so let’s have a little bit of fun!!!!

Here is the deal…I’m going to give away a brand new Berkley Tactix light spinning rod valued at about $50…Since a rod is pretty worthless without a reel, I’m also going to toss in an Abu Garcia Albi spinning reel valued at about $70 and of course you’ll need some line, so I’ll toss in a $15 spool of Maxima’s latest ultra clear 8 pound mono….I could stop right here and this would be a great prize, but I’m going to toss in even more….a long sleeve red Fish Sniffer shirt $20, a Sniffer hat $10, and a lure and bait tackle pack valued at $25….Plus a complimentary subscription valued at $35…If you already have a subscription we’ll tack that year on whatever you have left on you current sub…

That is a prize package worth $225!.... Put the car in the garage…Lock the doors, turn out the lights and hide the kids in the attic…This contest is going to create some serious excitement!

Okay…What the heck to you have to do…?

Well it’s pretty simple. You have to pose next to your car, truck or boat displaying one of our official Fish Sniffer decals…HOLDING an issue of the Fish Sniffer Magazine…And you have to post that photo on the thread titled Massive Decal Prize Package on the Campfire Board….

This contest is going to run from now until midnight on April 19…That’s one full month…

At that point, I’m going to take all the names of the folks that post a picture as described above and I’m going to toss all the names in a hat…We’ll select a name and that Fish Sniffer supporter will take the prize….

That’s it take a picture and win a prize package valued at $225!!!

Here at the Fish Sniffer we don’t give our forum members, web browsers, subscribers and readers a lot of lip service…We put our money where our mouth is and offer up top notch incentives to our supporters to go along with the best fishing coverage available!

If you don’t have your official Fish Sniffer decals yet, you’ve still got time. You can order them via the link on this website or you can order them via the forum in the print edition of the magazine….

Our decals are free…save for a nominal shipping and handling fee to offset shipping costs and the wages of the people we pay to stuff the envelopes. We don’t reach into your pocket and extract $12 to $15 for decals like some websites and magazines do!

Get your decals, show off your Fish Sniffer pride and let everyone on water and road know that you are part of the Fish Sniffer Family….The most knowledgeable and talented anglers on the West Coast fishing scene and earn an exciting prize package doing it!

Let’s see those photos….

Thanks Cal