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03-20-2010, 10:29 PM
Went out today for some fresh Crab and Sand Dabs. The weather was fantastic, light breeze low swell and great company. Newbees to crab n dab, naturally I had to have them try and pull one pot by hand. told them the crabs taste better that way, half way up they said it did not matter how much greater it would taste, fire up the puller!! We set seven pots with squid, halibut heads, sardines and what ever they had in the freezer. After setting the pots we went out to 140 feet and dropped down for sand dabs, what a great day of action, kept them busy for an hour and a half. a fifteen to twenty pound SKATE decided to join the party and definetly created a lot of hooping and hollaring thinking it may be a large Halibut or ?. After four hours we checked the pots for twenty babies, four Rock crab and eight keepers.
Rebaited and went back to Sand Dabbing, getting tired of catching dabs we went to get the pots and head in. The second pull was more of the same, lots of small crabs, a couple of rock crab and another eight keepers(five in one pot). Seemed slow and sparse for a short soak but what a banner day for the four of us............great times and great results.


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03-21-2010, 12:00 PM
Hey Survivor26, where did you head out for dabs? I know currently the crabs are small from the last time I went out. A lot of them were in starved condition and you could press the shell so most of them were no good. How did you do on the dabs?

03-22-2010, 07:45 AM
Hey 4 Reels

The Crabs were still small but the meat was firm and sweet !! Average size was 6" and hard shells. The Sand Dabs were of a mixed size but they were on the steady bite all day. One of the guys brought out some regular shrimp brined in PRO CURE BRINE, pinkish in color and was on fire with the Dabs, the stand by strips of Squid were producing as well. Rigged up a Shrimp fly rig, white with glitter strips, tipped with squid and the double hook ups began. All in all, ended up with three quarters of a five gallon bucket.
Flat seas and mild current in the am then the current picked up in the afternoon, had to move to get back to an area that held larger dabs, 140 feet or so ! Towards the "N" bouy.
Good luck out there don't get wet