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Gene St. Denis
04-03-2010, 08:13 AM
The fishing report for The Following Ice free Sierra Lakes this week is in and in between the storms ( 2 to 3 feet of new Snow fall ) we and Many Others have had Good success fishing for Big Browns , Rainbows and Mackinaw depending on which Lake:fish_jumps:. some are easy to get to and Hard to get fish from shore for Average Anglers such as Donner. Others Lake Roads are A Nite Mare for City Slickers. Ice House is open and has been produceing Good Browns and some rainbows for boaters. Hell Hole has Expedition Epic Conditions with road covered in snow :mind-blowing: ( stuck you will get ) and Ski Does needed to tow boats in or Snow shoe in for ever to shore fish. Stampede resevoir has Bad snow as well and the Snow Plow Boy has had some Issues with Fisherman .... you may end up Stuck like at hell Hole..:cold1:tell next Srping. but stampede does have crazy Plow boy ( most Snow Plow boys are a little crazy.. just to due the Crazy Job !) and he may get the road and ramp open Again for boats...Good Browns and macks being taken for those hardy souls getting in... Boca resevoir is open and is also producing some good browns and macks for small boats. Almanor is also producing good Browns and rainbows for Boaters with a 12 pound German Brown being taken by a Local shore angler this week beating out the boats for once. :shrk0hr:Eagle is still closed to fishing. Tahoe is open and is produceing some browns to Locals in the the know and Macks are very good fishing right now to 13 pounds this week ( our Largest) . lake forrest and cave rock are open. Silver lake and Caples have all new Layer of 3 feet of new snow covering a thick but mushy, snow pack due to the lake water level rising. Conditions could be Deadly in some spots like Quick Sand .:badidea3qk: So we do not go out on the snow covered Ice there. The standard Baits and Lures are working in the Open water areas such as Kasmasters,Trophy Sticks ,Rapalas , powerbait,Seps Flashers and worms . Cured roe is the Secret weapon on Some Lakes. Topaz Lake is open and you still have a warning about heavy metals in the fish and some Worms in them .:bbq1: So Limit intake and Cook all the Way thru to prevent Transferring worms to You. Indian Creek Resevoir is also open and some good fishing for browns and rainbows , Take Pictures like Captain Compassion:APS_camera: and catch and release these fish as Indian creek Resevoir was Used for Tahoes Sewer Holding Over flow Ponds for Several years before now. This is all Documented. Just Look at the Foam and the Slimey Shoreline. Dress for Winter Sierra Conditions and be prepared for Cold and Hazardous Conditions during Vehicle travel and on Foot, or Boating............. or Stay Home and Watch Opray.:party-smiley-048: Aloha !! That Concludes the Sierra Fishing Report for 4/3/10 and See you Out There !! gst www.blueribbonfishing.com (http://www.blueribbonfishing.com)

04-03-2010, 10:16 AM
wow didnt know that about topaz and ICR :cry:

Captain Compassion
04-03-2010, 11:50 AM
Checking heavy metal warnings and fish eating guidelines for both the state of California and Nevada there were no warnings or restrictions for the fish in Topaz Lake. Topaz trout do have Copopod infections. These are generally limited to the outer flesh and don't seem to effect their eat ability. I personally have noticed no worms in the flesh of these trout. ICR was at one time a repository for treated waste water from South Lake Tahoe. Locals often eat the fish. I don't eat them. Not necessarily because they are suspect but because I have other sources for the freezer. Use your judgment here.


Gene St. Denis
04-03-2010, 01:57 PM
Captain Compassion the Health Warnings were real and can come back upon Any Kind of Heavy Runoff at Any Time. Look alittle deeper and farther Back.....The warnings are there and Just That warnings.... Mercury and or Lead Do not just Go Away. They caused concern now and they Caused concern then...:turkycut1:.The Worms are small and Many people Eat the fish and don't notice them... The larger Worms burrow Deeper. This is Well Known by Old Time Locals. People Have Right to Know...About the History of thier Fishery..... The poo was VERY REAL washing on My Boots when I was at the Over Flow Ponds at ICR for some Weeks, :signs165xk: InVolved in being changed over to a Civilian fishing Resevoir...Bubblers , Drain Off, Cleanup, Covering Soils,.over twenty something years ago....and Some Men Left the Site because of this...the job turned out fine... However, I Do Not Eat Fish From There or Topaz to This Day. It's a Personal thing...As I do Not Need to glow in the dark yet... But, maybe a Third Long and foldable Casting Arm in the middle of My Back would Come into Usefulness. Other Trout in Our Area Have Some Issues as well Pyramid Lake trout Have a Dark Grey layer in the Meat under the Lateral Line that Contains heavy Metal toxins and You Should cut this Out prior to Cooking and consumtion or It Could be hazardous to your Health... These fish should be Consumed in Limited Nunbers as well to :paranoia1hv:Concerned Anglers. Some Nevada Lakes and rivers are home to Both - Fish and Mining Waste(Lead or Mercury ) , some careful Reading with Help make it clear.. current and Past Intel. On a Happier Note..:picnic1:... Donner, Tahoe , Boca, Stampede, Hell Hole, Almanor, and Caples Lake have Excellant Fish Meat and Are Safe to Eat at this Time :bbq1:. This is all old news ,and I beleive even Wiza has written about it. But, it is still Very Important Information to Know , For Women, Children , and Some men Watching thier Intake of such things..... The Truth is Out There..... The Question is Can you Eat it or Even Want to Handle it. Aloha !! gst :chowtime: www.blueribbonfishing.com (http://www.blueribbonfishing.com)

Captain Compassion
04-03-2010, 04:39 PM
Maybe I ought to stick to pork chops. They'll kill me to but what a way to go.


04-04-2010, 03:57 PM
Appreciate the report. What is a "City Slicker"? Is it the well prepared couple that gets there car in and has a good time fishing from the bank or the folks with the $50K boat and matching travel trailer probably posting from their laptop?


04-04-2010, 04:07 PM
if you half to ask your probably one.:wink:

04-04-2010, 04:30 PM
And proud of it!